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Ampere and Qualcomm Launch Arm-Based AI Server

Ampere has announced a strategic partnership with Qualcomm, expected to hit the market later this year
May 16, 2024

Ampere and Qualcomm, two leading chip manufacturers, have joined forces to introduce an AI-focused server solution. This collaboration combines Ampere's high-performance CPUs with Qualcomm's Cloud AI100 Ultra AI inferencing chips, marking an unexpected partnership between two companies primarily known for their Arm-based chips.

While both companies offer Arm-based chips for data center servers, Ampere's expertise lies in fast and power-efficient server chips. Recognizing the growing demand for AI capabilities, Ampere decided to team up with Qualcomm to offer a comprehensive AI-focused server solution.

Jeff Wittich, Arm's CTO, explained the rationale behind the collaboration, stating, "AI isn’t one size fits all. If you want to scale out to even bigger models, just like all the other workloads, AI isn’t one size fits all."

Ampere's annual roadmap update includes the introduction of the new 256-core AmpereOne chip, built using a modern 3nm process. These chips, featuring 12-channel DDR5 RAM, offer improved performance and memory access optimization for data center customers.

The focus of this collaboration isn't just on performance but also on power consumption and cost-effectiveness in data center operations. Ampere aims to challenge industry giants like Nvidia by offering superior AI inferencing performance at a lower cost.

In addition to partnering with Qualcomm, Ampere also announced a collaboration with NETINT to develop a joint solution combining Ampere's CPUs with NETINT's video processing chips. This innovative server solution can transcode 360 live video channels simultaneously while also providing real-time subtitles using OpenAI's Whisper speech-to-text model.

Ampere's CEO, Renee James, emphasized the company's commitment to efficient computing, stating, "Ampere has proven that low power doesn't have to mean low performance. We have pioneered the efficiency frontier of computing and delivered performance beyond legacy CPUs in an efficient computing envelope."

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