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CELLSMART Drives Global 5G Mapping with Street-View Testing

CELLSMART's "Drive" Initiative, Mapping Global 5G Performance with Street-View Testing Cars
By Josefina Dipaolo
September 11, 2023

In a bid to revolutionize our understanding of 5G performance, CELLSMART, the cellular intelligence division of SmartCIC, has embarked on a groundbreaking mission. Inspired by Google's iconic street mapping, the "Drive" initiative is set to meticulously map the 5G landscape across the world, beginning its journey through the streets of Cannes, France, before venturing into Spain and beyond. This innovative project is poised to equip enterprises with invaluable insights into optimal connectivity options and bolster the adoption of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA).

The CELLSMART fleet is no ordinary convoy. Outfitted with custom testing software, SIM cards, and routers, these vehicles will put local wireless networks to the test in Europe, North America, and an expanding list of global destinations. Each car will scrutinize 4G and 5G upload and download speeds, as well as latency, delivering precise, location-specific data with unrivaled granularity. Remarkably, CELLSMART's bespoke software enables each vehicle to conduct tests every 60 seconds, with results promptly recorded in a centralized database.

Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC, expressed the significance of this venture: "The CELLSMART Drive is bringing speed and agility to how cellular networks are tested at a granular level. Almost anywhere in the world, we can deploy our testing car and capture 5G performance data in the field and across multiple networks. This empowers service providers and enterprises to develop use cases for 5G and ensures they are using the highest performing cellular networks in the areas they operate."

The CELLSMART team, along with their partners in cellular intelligence, is actively engaging in this expedition. They are sharing their experiences, insights, and snapshots on LinkedIn, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the vital role of cellular intelligence in the industry's growth.

Drive 2023 – Itinerary:

  • September 2023: Spain and France Route
  • October 2023: US Route 1 – Eastern Seaboard
  • November 2023: US Route 2 – West Coast, concluding in Phoenix, Arizona

"We've invited our team members and partners to get involved and be part of test-driving cellular networks across the globe. It's an opportunity to see exactly why cellular intelligence is so important for the growth of our industry and show that we're committed to providing precise insights into 5G performance."

The "Drive" initiative sprouted from the remarkable success of the CELLSMART Global Cellular Performance Survey. With the support of SmartCIC's network of 25,000 engineers spanning 106 countries, the survey unveiled remarkable insights. Oslo, Norway, emerged as Europe's 5G leader with an impressive maximum download speed of 1.12 Gbps. Notably, the data underscored the emergence of 5G FWA as a compelling alternative to traditional fiber networks and LEO satellite solutions for enterprise access.

CELLSMART's relentless pursuit of testing, mapping, and harnessing local intelligence about wireless network performance since March 2022 continues to drive innovation in the industry.

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