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CMC Networks Partners with Bowmans, A Legal Leap Towards Flexible Connectivity

An upgrade by the African law firm links its various office branches, changing their connectivity for peak efficiency
By Josefina Dipaolo
October 26, 2023

In a significant move to enhance connectivity and streamline operations, Bowmans, one of South Africa's top legal firms, has joined forces with CMC Networks, a global Tier 1 service provider. The collaboration ushers in a transformation from legacy Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to a software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN), geared towards unleashing greater efficiency and performance across Bowmans' extensive network.

Bowmans boasts a strong presence, with offices in Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia, and is ranked among the Big Five law firms in South Africa. The decision to adopt SD-WAN reflects the growing need for flexibility and adaptability in the legal sector and corporate landscape as a whole.

CMC Networks, a pioneer in the telecommunications industry, is steering this transformation. Their solution comprises an end-to-end strategy employing IP Premier Direct Internet Access (DIA) services in tandem with a third-party broadband Internet service. The outcome is a powerful hybrid network, centered around the Juniper Session Smart Router (SSR) SD-WAN.

This transition is a game-changer. It's all about flexibility and optimizing performance. The legacy MPLS networks, known for their rigidity, often struggle to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving, cloud-first business environment. SD-WAN, on the other hand, enables a business to align with the speed of today's market dynamics.

"The entire team at CMC have extensive experience across all the African markets Bowmans operates in, which has helped us to build a bespoke solution built on expert knowledge," says Marisa Trisolino, CEO at CMC Networks. This partnership aims to add a layer of flexibility that can truly redefine how Bowmans operates.

CMC Networks doesn't just stop at network optimization. They've gone above and beyond to ensure a seamless transition. With CMC's IP Premier as the primary connectivity service and third-party broadband as a backup, reliability and continuity are paramount. High availability nodes and virtual appliances are deployed strategically, reducing the risk of operational downtime.

Ken Davidson, Head of Information Technology at Bowmans, acknowledges that Bowmans' commitment to growth across the continent called for a network that could keep pace. "The entire process has been seamless from start to finish, and we look forward to making the full move from MPLS to SD-WAN with an expert team by our side," says Davidson.

The collaboration is not only about modernizing technology but also about staying on the cutting edge in the legal industry. With CMC Networks as a partner, Bowmans is poised for a tech-forward future.

CMC Networks, with its extensive presence across Africa, the Middle East, and key interconnect locations worldwide, is well-equipped to guide Bowmans on this transformative journey. Their pan-African network serves 51 out of 54 African countries, making them a global leader in telecommunications.

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