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July 28, 2023

ECO Group Secures €5 Million Series A to Propel Eco-friendly Brands

Green Triumph! Acton Capital Leads Series A with Fair Capital Partners Onboard And Supporting Investors

Breaking barriers in the realm of eco-conscious consumerism, German B2B platform ECO Group has triumphed in its latest feat, raising an impressive €5 million in Series A funding. With sustainability at its core, the start-up, co-founded by industry veterans Thomas Nehfischer and Christoph Schwerdtle, is set to accelerate its mission of championing high-quality, eco-friendly beauty and household brands. This transformative funding round, led by Acton Capital and featuring support from existing investor Fair Capital Partners, underscores the company's dedication to a greener future.

Founded in 2022, ECO Group serves as a platform for an array of innovative eco-brands, including renowned names like Naiked, Hydrophil, Daily Good, and Herbalind. In a world where consumers of all ages increasingly seek sustainable and conscientious choices, the platform's unique offerings have struck a chord with those who prioritize the planet's well-being.

Acton Capital's Partner, Christoph Braun, lauds ECO Group's visionary approach and the team's unwavering dedication to success. With impressive traction from the outset, the company has garnered trust and recognition from prominent investors who are aligned with its mission. The majority stake acquisition of cosmetics brands company JM Nature GmbH further bolsters ECO Group's standing in the eco-friendly market.

ECO Group's recent successful funding round marks a significant milestone in the realm of eco-friendly brands, propelling the company's mission to the forefront of the sustainable marketplace. With renowned investors sharing their vision and supporting their growth strategy, ECO Group is set to become a hub for innovation, offering consumers an ever-expanding selection of eco-conscious products. As the world pivots towards a more environmentally conscious future, the platform's dedication to maximizing positive impact on the environment and society shines bright, inspiring a greener way of life.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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