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Epsilon and Moratelindo Boost Indonesian Connectivity

Epsilon's NaaS platform & Infiny, extends global connectivity and enhances content, the dream partnership
April 24, 2024

In a move set to revolutionize connectivity for Indonesian businesses, Epsilon Telecommunications (Epsilon), a leading global interconnectivity provider, has partnered with Moratelindo, one of Indonesia's largest telecommunications infrastructure and network providers. This partnership aims to connect Indonesian enterprises, carriers, and service providers to a global ecosystem of Internet Exchanges (IXs) through Remote Peering, enhancing content and application performance without the need for additional infrastructure investment.

Through Epsilon's Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, Infiny, Moratelindo's customers gain seamless access to internet exchange points across key global locations, including the U.S., Europe, Hong Kong, and Japan. By establishing a 100G network-to-network interface (NNI) with Moratelindo, Epsilon enables customers to expand their network reach without the need for costly international private leased circuit (IPLC) connections.

"The cloud market in Indonesia is booming, and remote peering is really changing the game for businesses looking to expand and improve the performance of their services across the globe," said Warren Aw, Chief Commercial Officer at Epsilon Telecommunications. "It has never been easier to offer services quickly in new markets with minimal upfront investments, and bring content closer to end users with reduced latency. It’s great to work with Moratelindo to make truly global connectivity a reality for more Indonesian businesses, and accelerate digital transformation across the region."

The partnership enhances Moratelindo’s Network Interconnect and Content Autonomous (MoNICA) neutral Internet Exchange, providing connectivity to a wider pool of international IXs for domestic and international telecommunications operators, Internet service providers, content, and games providers. Leveraging Epsilon's Infiny platform, which offers access to 140+ on-ramp locations and 18+ IX partners, Moratelindo can seamlessly integrate additional IX partners into MoNICA via a single interconnection port, enabling customers to easily extend their reach into new markets and rapidly scale bandwidth according to demands.

“This partnership with Epsilon is helping to take our MoNICA IX to the next level and enhance the Indonesian telecommunications industry with efficient traffic exchange,” said Michael McPhail, Chief Technology Officer at Moratelindo. “Establishing presence at multiple global IXs would have been a challenge for us due to the complexities of managing various IX memberships and onboarding, as well as legal matters, billing, and more. Epsilon’s extensive industry experience proved invaluable, as they removed these challenges by enabling us to utilize their existing relationships and connections through a single port and contract. We’re driving the market forward and enabling Indonesia’s digital future, making it simple to interconnect globally and improve the performance of services for end users."

This partnership not only eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure investments but also simplifies the process of global connectivity for Indonesian businesses, propelling them into the digital age with greater ease and efficiency.

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