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March 3, 2023

OnePlan’s Events Planning Software Secured $6 Million in Funding

The events of tomorrow are planned through 3D digital mapping tools.

OnePlan, a live event site and venue planning platform based in the US and UK, has raised $6 million in new strategic investment. The funding round was led by Elysian Park Ventures and Verance Capital and with it, OnePlan intends to broaden its footprint in the United States, where it recently appointed a North American director. Further, the company plans to use the investment to support live event venues, with a specific focus on the sporting venue market.

Founded in 2019 by Paul Foster, OnePlan offers 3D digital mapping tools for venue planners to organize live events smoothly, regardless of the event size. The company aims to support live event venues, with a particular focus on the sports market, including triathlons, marathons, and football games. OnePlan's platform enables venues to utilize automated real-time data intelligence to plan and measure crowd capacity and safety, as well as to optimize the placement of stages, marquees, and refuse facilities, and to manage arrival and exit flows.

“It’s heartening to see how our customers, at some of the biggest venues in the world, get immediate operational and security benefits from using OnePlan,”

- outlines the founder and CEO of OnePlan, Paul Foster

The company has been used to organize over 25,000 live events globally in 107 countries, including notable venues like Intuit Dome, home of the LA Clippers, and Silverstone in England. OnePlan's proprietary software has been used by USA Triathlon and is also the official supporter of GIS Mapping and Digital Twin Software for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

“OnePlan’s immersive 2D and 3D digital twinning provide game-changing tools to create rich experiences. We are excited by how OnePlan gives access to this powerful platform to the broadest set of live event planners, from the largest of global events to local community events,”

- comments one of the venture partners of Elysian Park Ventures, Ami Galani

March 3, 2023
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