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May 22, 2023

PwC Assess Channel Factory's media waste solution

Through ad placements, they provide efficiency to brands and agencies and reduce waste

According to PwC's testing, Channel Factory's technology reduced media wastage by 23%, resulting in 12% cost savings, which are becoming increasingly significant as the economy declines.

As a result of their commitment to transparency, PwC was chosen by Channel Factory to ensure they are paying effectively and buying efficiently by helping businesses discover the best partners, technologies, and investment choices. In two testing phases, Channel Factory proved its technology is part of the solution to preventing media waste and is transparent to all existing and prospective customers.

The first phase examined how Channel Factory classifies content in alignment with GARM and IAB. The second phase assessed how much efficiencies Channel Factory's technology delivers for brands and agencies.

“The digital media ecosystem can be complex and challenging to navigate, leading to demands for greater transparency. Channel Factory deserves credit for subjecting their ViewIQ platform to testing and verification by us at PwC.”

- comments Adam Edelshain at PwC

A study performed by PwC in 2020 shows the heart of the problem. According to the study, 15% of leading advertizers' media investments were unattributable. PwC's follow-up study published in early 2023 indicated that the situation appears to be improving at the premium end of programmatic advertising, one factor among many contributing to the concept of 'media wastage' in digital advertising.

eMarketer reports that the U.S. digital video ad market will be worth $76.2 billion in 2022, meaning Channel Factory's technology could save $8.7 billion just in the U.S., according to the exercise.

As part of Channel Factory's commitment to transparency, PwC was invited to conduct verification procedures over its technology to demonstrate that Channel Factory's technology adheres to industry standards and fulfills client policies.

It was found that Channel Factory's language categorization accuracy was 99%, and its taxonomy for categorizing video content suitability was over 80% compatible with IAS, IAB, Comscore, and GARM. In addition to aligning with IAB and IAS standards, Channel Factory's verification process revealed that 100% of channels and 96% of videos were correctly classified by IAB.

“A key motivator behind engaging PwC was to ensure Channel Factory was a solution to and not a part of the media wastage problem. This was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The PwC report confirmed what we knew to be true at Channel Factory - that we deliver on all aspects promised to customers, and that we put great emphasis on transparency - an essential value in the advertising industry. Rather than taking our foot off the gas, this report has only increased our passion to continue innovating, to create a conscious product that delivers the ultimate ROI, eliminates media wastage whilst supporting diverse creators and communities.”

- said Jenny Chau, Chief Solution Officer

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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