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Red Kubes launches Otomi Startup Program to get apps running on K8s within a day

New program launched is designed to accelerate innovation in startups
March 17, 2023

Red Kubes, the Dutch company that launched the Kubernetes-based production platform Otomi, has announced a new program designed to support startups in nurturing innovation. A startup itself, Red Kubes understands the importance of balancing speed, cost, and delivery to enhance customer experience. To accelerate startups' time-to-market (TTM) during the critical growth phase, Red Kubes' program combines all the technologies necessary to deploy and securely run containerized applications to simplify the deployment process.

A first-of-its-kind platform such as Otomi, which automates, integrates, and configures all capabilities needed for Kubernetes to be used in production, is what Red Kubes believes can accelerate a project's speed to market, which is crucial to startups.

Founded in 2019, Red Kubes helps software engineers focus on delivering value rather than dealing with complex operational tasks. With the Otomi Platform, all the necessary capabilities for a production Kubernetes setup can be automated. Using the platform, Kubernetes clusters can be converted into production containers in any cloud environment using the best open-source tools combined with automation and self-service features.

“This product itself is what sets the program apart from similar initiatives in the market. Deploying Otomi will demonstrate to companies how easy it can be to set up a production ready environment with leading open source components from the ecosystem without having to strenuously engineer and build up in-depth skills,” - outlines Sander Rodenhuis, founder and CTO of Red Kubes

Prior to establishing Red Kubes in 2019, Sander Rodenhuis was an IT consultant and architect, where he was responsible for the design and construction of private and public cloud infrastructures. Along with his professional endeavors, Sander studied technical informatics.

Applications are invited from less than three years old companies with a maximum of 25 employees and a maximum annual turnover of 3 million EUR that are based in the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. Companies participating in this program will be offered a range of exclusive benefits, including free use of Red Kube's proprietary software for up to twelve months initially. Red Kubes will assist the participants in setting up a Kubernetes environment with Otomi, ensuring that startups have access to a fully functional production-ready Kubernetes platform within a day. By utilizing this technology, startups will be able to deliver products and features to their users more efficiently and quickly, without facing delays or bottlenecks, and at a lower cost.

“We are super excited to be able to support the startup community in their innovation efforts by getting their apps into production super quickly. Through our unique way of helping them run their software development and deployment pipelines more efficiently, we hope to empower them with more capacity to focus on their business objectives,” - says Rouven Besters, CEO of Red Kubes

Rouven Besters is a highly experienced business leader who has a successful history of driving growth and innovation. He has a strong background in various fields, such as international sales, management, DevOps, customer experience, cloud computing, cloud-native applications, e-commerce, and online marketing.

Startups often face the challenge of achieving more with limited resources, including platform engineering. Building a production-ready application with Kubernetes can be complex, and startups may not have the resources to hire platform teams. Red Kubes, funded by their extended seed round and business income, has created a program to help startups tackle this challenge.

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