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Sam Altman says OpenAI is still not training GPT-5

Significant work still to be done says the CEO
June 9, 2023

OpenAI, the renowned tech company known for its groundbreaking language models, is maintaining its stance on not training GPT-5, the successor to GPT-4, for the time being. Several months ago, OpenAI announced that it would hold off on developing GPT-5, responding to concerns expressed by industry leaders and academics about the rapid pace of advancements in large language models.

During a conference hosted by the Economic Times in India, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman addressed the progress of GPT-5. Altman emphasized that although the team is exploring new ideas for future models, they are far from commencing the training of GPT-5.

In late March, a letter was signed by over 1,100 individuals, including prominent figures like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak. The letter called for a six-month pause in the training of AI systems more powerful than GPT-4. Altman acknowledged the concerns expressed in the letter, noting that it lacked technical nuance but affirmed that OpenAI had not initiated training for GPT-5 and had no immediate plans to do so.

Addressing the concerns raised by the AI community, Altman highlighted that OpenAI is actively addressing potential dangers through measures such as external audits, red-teaming, and safety tests. He emphasized that when GPT-4 was completed, it took over six months before it was released, highlighting the careful evaluation and precautions taken by OpenAI.

In addition to discussing the development of AI models, Altman also shared OpenAI's perspective on regulation. He clarified that the company's call for regulation primarily applies to themselves and larger entities, while expressing opposition to regulating smaller AI startups. Altman's visit to India is part of a broader initiative to engage with lawmakers and industry players worldwide, fostering confidence in OpenAI's commitment to collaboration with regulators. During these meetings, Altman actively encourages policymakers to contemplate the potential risks and downsides of AI proliferation, aiming to establish safeguards that mitigate unintended accidents.

OpenAI's firm position on delaying GPT-5 demonstrates their dedication to responsible development and a thorough assessment of the ethical implications surrounding advanced AI models. Through proactive engagement with stakeholders and a focus on self-regulation, OpenAI aims to navigate the complexities of AI technology, ultimately fostering a safer and more inclusive AI landscape.

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