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U-TO & Mangomolo Revolutionize OTT in Asia & South Africa

New Solutions and Mangomolo Forge Innovation-Driven Partnership to Redefine OTT Video Landscape in Asia and South Africa
By Josefina Dipaolo
August 31, 2023

A pioneering alliance is shaping the future of Over The Top (OTT) video solutions, as Mangomolo, a global leader in OTT video platforms, joins forces with U-TO Solutions. This strategic collaboration, resonating across Asia and South Africa, heralds a transformative era in the media and broadcasting sector.

This partnership doesn't just widen Mangomolo's regional footprint; it equips U-TO Solutions to provide an integrated suite of turnkey OTT services to broadcasters and media companies. Their collective offering sweeps across monetization, content management, media preparation and delivery, OTT apps, and advanced analytics, all condensed into a single, groundbreaking platform. This streamlined solution is poised to slash operational workloads by up to 80%, introducing unparalleled efficiency compared to traditional systems.

By intertwining expertise, U-TO Solutions and Mangomolo are set to spearhead digital adoption, ushering in an era of innovative technology-driven solutions for media and broadcast players in Asia and South Africa. This partnership doesn't merely signify collaboration; it lays the foundation for U-TO Solutions to revolutionize their clients' digital journey, leveraging Mangomolo's proven proficiency.

Wissam Sabbagh, CEO at Mangomolo, highlights the far-reaching potential: "South Asia and Africa's rapidly burgeoning OTT video markets hold immense promise. The synergy with U-TO Solutions is pivotal for the enduring growth of OTT video in these regions, promising a future where businesses monetize their video content with utmost efficiency."

Mangomolo, an end-to-end OTT video platform, transcends barriers and democratizes revenue generation. It empowers broadcasters and niche content creators alike, transcending limitations and capturing new streams of revenue. Managing over a billion monthly streams and serving over 30 million viewers globally, Mangomolo's platform underpins a thriving ecosystem that fosters digital transformation while enhancing profitability.

Dheeraj Lilani, Chief Business Officer at U-TO Solutions, encapsulates the essence of the partnership: "Beyond technology, Mangomolo embodies a holistic approach with people, processes, and platforms. It translates into a seamless sales process, quick solutions, and unmatched viewer experiences. Together, we're tapping into the colossal appetite for online video consumption in Asia and South Africa."

With more than two decades of experience, U-TO Solutions has solidified its position as a stalwart in the media solutions domain. Collaborating with industry giants like ESPN, Sony Pictures Networks India, and Viacom18, U-TO Solutions has orchestrated over 250 channels, 125,000 hours of programming, and 5 million rights clearances, making it a cornerstone of the global media ecosystem.

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