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1inch Labs Unveils Developer Portal for Web3 Innovators

1inch Labs has unveiled new tool aimed at revolutionizing blockchain accessibility for developers in the Web3 ecosystem
July 9, 2024

1inch Labs has launched its cutting-edge Developer Portal, unveiled at EthCC 7 in Brussels, aimed squarely at Web3 developers. This new portal introduces the Web3 RPC API, revolutionizing blockchain interaction without the need for developers to manage their own nodes.

Until now, projects integrating 1inch APIs often sought external RPC services. With this innovative tool, developers can seamlessly interact with the blockchain within the 1inch ecosystem, simplifying smart contract execution, fund transfers, and data retrieval.

The Web3 RPC API promises enhanced efficiency and reliability, boasting maximal uptime and robust support for multiple EVM networks. By leveraging their extensive node expertise, 1inch ensures secure and seamless RPC services tailored for diverse Web3 applications—from dApps to decentralized exchanges and beyond.

This initiative marks a significant stride in empowering developers to harness blockchain capabilities effortlessly, reaffirming 1inch Labs' commitment to advancing decentralized finance infrastructure.

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