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Australian Freight & Trade Alliance Partnership with Ripple

Ripple had come knocking on FTA's door right in the midst of their legal skirmish with the SEC
By Josefina Dipaolo
October 10, 2023

In a recent interview with TLG, Paul Zalai, the Director of the Australian Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA), dropped a bombshell that could reshape the landscape of international transactions. The possibility of a future partnership between the FTA and San Francisco-based fintech giant Ripple is making waves in the tech and trade sectors. What makes this potential alliance even more intriguing is Ripple's recent legal victory against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), paving the way for the company's global expansion. Let's dive into the details of this exciting development and what it could mean for the future of international trade.

Ripple, known for its digital asset XRP and blockchain-based payment solutions, has been on a mission to expand its presence worldwide. The company's legal tussle with the SEC had cast a shadow over its growth prospects, but the recent favorable outcome has breathed new life into its ambitions. The timing couldn't be better for Ripple, as it seeks to establish a more extensive global footprint.

On the other side of the equation stands the Australian Freight & Trade Alliance, a heavyweight in Australia's international supply chain sector. This organization represents a diverse range of stakeholders, from importers to logistics service providers, all striving to boost profitability and optimize logistics and biosecurity processes. With such a strong presence, the FTA's potential partnership with Ripple is undoubtedly a development to keep a keen eye on.

Paul Zalai's initial skepticism about blockchain technology was candidly expressed during the interview. However, what's fascinating is that his own son, well-versed in cryptocurrencies, had invested in Ripple's XRP. This anecdote speaks volumes about the growing interest in Ripple's technology even among those who may not fully comprehend the intricacies of blockchain.

Despite their lack of blockchain expertise, Ripple had approached the FTA in the midst of their legal battle with the SEC. At the time, the FTA advised Ripple to return once regulatory matters were resolved. This illustrates the FTA's cautious approach, ensuring they partner with companies on solid ground.

The key attraction for the FTA lies in Ripple's capability to facilitate real-time cross-border payments with robust checks and balances in place. Zalai revealed significant interest among major Australian banks in Ripple's offerings. This interest may pave the way for the FTA to promote Ripple's products to its members.

While the formal partnership is still in the discussion stage, Zalai shed light on the next steps. Ripple's representatives presented their case in Sydney, and the FTA plans to initiate information sessions. They aim to let their members engage directly with Ripple, posing questions and exploring the potential of this collaboration.

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