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May 30, 2023

BlockBeat Launches Terminal for Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors

BlockBeat has announced the upcoming launch of its innovative new platform, the BlockBeat Terminal

BlockBeat, a company dedicated to transforming the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, has announced the upcoming launch of its innovative new platform, the BlockBeat Terminal. The platform is designed to provide traders and investors in the fast-paced digital asset space with real-time news from thousands of primary sources, sentiment analytics, A.I. enriched data, and more, all in one comprehensive platform.

According to Isaac Horowitz, CEO of BlockBeat, the BlockBeat Terminal is a game-changer for retail investors who have been struggling to access high-quality systems to sort through the chaos of the cryptocurrency industry. Horowitz explains that the idea for the platform came from his own experience as a crypto trader, where he found that there were no tools available that were even close to the level of tools available for stock trading. This led him to create the ultimate crypto news and data terminal that is BlockBeat.

The BlockBeat Terminal provides traders and investors with the necessary insights to make informed decisions in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The platform offers real-time news from major news sources, crypto-native news sites, press releases from important government bodies, and full Medium articles from hundreds of crypto projects. Additionally, the platform features watchlists, alerts, custom feeds, tagging, search, voting, and sharing options. Users can filter out sub-sources they do not want to see in their feed and customize their feeds to suit their preferences.

BlockBeat Terminal’s search feature is the best crypto information search available anywhere, with a massive amount of current and historical news and data that can be easily searched on the web app. The asset profiles feature allows users to take a deep dive into all the top crypto assets and see news specific to that asset.

BlockBeat’s innovative technology and unparalleled resources have revolutionized the way investors and traders stay informed about the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With the BlockBeat Terminal, traders and investors can have a real-time dashboard that provides them with all the most relevant news that they would typically have to spend hours scouring the internet for across multiple browser tabs and applications.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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