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CELLSMART Revolutionizes Cellular Intelligence with Nationwide 5G Mapping

The dynamic cellular intelligence is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative across 30 NFL cities in the US
February 28, 2024

In an ambitious move set to redefine cellular intelligence, CELLSMART, the pioneering brand under SmartCIC Technologies, announces its groundbreaking initiative spanning 30 National Football League (NFL) cities across the United States. With a focus on local cellular intelligence, this venture promises to revolutionize network performance assessment with a combination of state-of-the-art technology and AI-driven predictive analytics.

Kicking off its endeavor in April 2024, CELLSMART will deploy multiple test vehicles and backpack units, meticulously equipped with bespoke technology, across urban landscapes and enterprise hubs nationwide. The objective? To offer real-time mapping of network performance, from bustling city streets to towering high-rise buildings and vibrant shopping malls. This data, available for purchase as APIs or comprehensive analyst reports, will empower Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), and enterprises alike with actionable insights to optimize their operations.

Toby Forman, CEO of SmartCIC Technologies, emphasizes the significance of this initiative, stating, "We've demonstrated the value of accurate, real-world data, and now we're democratizing access to it for operators and enterprises alike. By meticulously mapping performance metrics across 30 NFL cities, we're providing invaluable intelligence that was previously inaccessible. This is a game-changer, driven by AI-powered precision and strategic data capture."

Notably, CELLSMART's mapping tools offer not just a visual representation of performance but also granular data at each test location. Powered by an AI engine, these tools generate visual clusters highlighting areas with consistent performance patterns, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions down to the street level or enterprise site.

Forman underscores the broader implications of CELLSMART's efforts, emphasizing their role in supporting smart city initiatives, advancing fixed wireless access, facilitating autonomous vehicles, and powering the Internet of Things (IoT). "Understanding the RF environment and network performance is paramount for the success of emerging technologies," Forman explains. "Our mission-critical data fuels innovation and drives industry transformation."

In a testament to their commitment to comprehensive coverage, CELLSMART also announces plans to extend their 'walk' initiative to the top 10 shopping malls in the US. Purpose-built backpack units will navigate these bustling retail hubs, capturing cellular intelligence with unprecedented granularity, down to the square meter, and providing insights into individual user experiences.

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