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Dems Operative Admits AI Biden Robocall

Veteran Democratic strategist confesses to orchestrating a robocall employing an AI-generated Joe Biden impersonation
February 27, 2024

In a startling revelation that underscores the evolving landscape of political campaigning, a seasoned Democratic political operative has confessed to orchestrating a robocall featuring an uncanny AI-generated impersonation of Joe Biden, aimed at dissuading voters from engaging in the New Hampshire presidential primary.

Steve Kramer, the operative in question, candidly acknowledged leveraging "easy-to-use online technology" to emulate the president's voice, disseminating the contentious automated call to approximately 5,000 Democrats poised to participate in the pivotal January 23rd primary.

However, this audacious tactic has thrust Kramer into the spotlight of a rigorous law enforcement inquiry. The U.S. government swiftly acted, banning the use of AI-generated voices in automated calls, citing profound concerns for the integrity of democracy.

Kramer's disclosure, shared with NBC News and the Guardian, emphasized the accessibility of such manipulation, asserting that a mere $500 investment could replicate his orchestrated call. Urgent calls for regulatory intervention resonated throughout his statement, highlighting the imperative for immediate action across all pertinent bodies and platforms.

Yet, amidst the unfolding controversy, key details remain shrouded in ambiguity. Notably, Kramer's statement refrained from confirming authorization from his purported client at the time, Dean Phillips, a Democratic presidential contender with long odds. Phillips' campaign vehemently disavowed any association with the robocall, alleging Kramer's unilateral action and severing ties with the operative, despite substantial financial engagements in the preceding months.

Moreover, Kramer's narrative sidestepped a divergent account offered by Paul David Carpenter, a magician and hypnotist from New Orleans, who asserted his pivotal role in the saga. Carpenter revealed a serendipitous encounter with Kramer, culminating in his utilization of AI technology to mimic Biden's voice and craft the controversial audio content, replete with the president's trademark rhetoric and an explicit call for Democratic abstention from the primary.

Remarkably, Carpenter disclosed the startling affordability and expediency of his endeavor, with a paltry $1 investment and a mere 20 minutes sufficing to generate the deceptive audio through ElevenLabs' AI software.

As revelations continue to surface, Carpenter's portrayal paints a picture of disillusionment and moral quandary. His remorse over the cynical utilization of his craft underscores the unintended consequences of technological innovation in the realm of political manipulation.

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