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Next-Level Security and Efficiency: Liminal's Integration with Telos Network

Liminal is excited to unveil the seamless integration of Telos Network into its custody and wallet framework
January 17, 2024

Liminal, the forefront provider of institutional-grade digital asset custody solutions, is making waves with its latest announcement - the seamless integration of Telos Network into its custody and wallet infrastructure. This strategic alliance signifies a groundbreaking leap in fortifying the security and efficiency of asset management within the Telos blockchain. Liminal's astute move recognizes that the strength of digital asset custody is intricately tied to the robustness of the underlying blockchain infrastructure. In an era where the demand for alternative blockchain ecosystems is burgeoning, and community participation is reaching new heights, interoperability emerges as a critical integration parameter for custody platforms.

Manhar Garegrat, Country Head- India & Global Partnerships at Liminal, expressed his excitement, stating, "The addition of Telos into Liminal custody's multi-chain ecosystem is a significant step towards growing the web3 ecosystem together. Telos, with its impeccable track record, high transaction throughput, and commitment to Zero Knowledge technology, makes it a compelling platform for web3 adoption. We look forward to empowering projects building on Telos with Liminal's robust security, compliance, and process automations."

Sukesh Tedla, Director of Liquidity & Exchanges at Telos Network, echoed the sentiment, saying, "We are delighted to find a like-minded partner in Liminal. The combined strength of both brands will not only enhance the digital asset experience for users but also create a highly secure ecosystem for fostering innovation in digital asset custody services."

By incorporating Telos, a third-generation blockchain platform, into its custody and wallet infrastructure, Liminal is not merely adding a layer but elevating the entire spectrum of services for protocols and institutions on the Telos Network.

Liminal Custody's robust MPC and Multisig-powered wallet infrastructure sets a new standard for security in Telos-supported assets. Every transaction adheres to stringent security protocols and multi-party authorization requirements, granting granular control over asset management.

Liminal's automation workflows streamline Telos asset management processes. Users can define policy-based transaction processing rules, automating routine tasks, reducing operational overhead, and enhancing overall efficiency, all while aligning with specific risk tolerances and regulatory requirements.

Liminal Custody's comprehensive risk and compliance monitoring tools mitigate potential risks and ensure regulatory compliance. The platform continuously monitors wallets and transactions, empowering users to take immediate action to protect their funds and adhere to regulatory standards.

Liminal's MMI and Wallet Connect integration provide effortless access to a diverse array of native Telos and mainstream decentralized applications (DApps). This integration empowers users to maximize their Telos asset holdings by tapping into a wide range of DeFi protocols.

Liminal's integration with Telos Network signifies not just a technological advancement but a commitment to fortifying the future of digital asset custody. This collaboration opens new doors for innovation, security, and efficiency within the evolving landscape of blockchain ecosystems. As the digital frontier expands, Liminal's strategic move ensures that users can navigate it with confidence, backed by the combined strengths of Telos and Liminal.

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