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PayPal USD Circulation Plummets 39% in March: Paxos

Paxos report revealed that PYUSD circulation plummeted to $188.5 million, showing a 39% drop from the preceding month
April 9, 2024

The digital currency arena witnessed a notable shift in March as PayPal USD (PYUSD), the stablecoin collaboration between payment behemoth PayPal and crypto firm Paxos, experienced a marked decrease in circulation. This turn of events raises questions amidst the broader backdrop of cryptocurrency market dynamics.

Paxos' recent transparency report highlights a striking 39% decline in PYUSD circulation for March, totaling $188.5 million, signaling a departure from the previous month's figures. CoinGecko data further underscores this trend, showcasing a decline in PYUSD's market capitalization since its peak in late February, a far cry from its $312 million pinnacle.

PYUSD's journey has been marked by fluctuations, with its market cap experiencing peaks in January and February but waning in March despite the crypto market's bullish momentum. Amidst this backdrop, PayPal's treasury holds approximately $14.9 million in U.S. Treasury bonds, reflecting a strategic financial positioning.

In its endeavor to fortify security measures, Paxos employs Reverse Repurchase Agreements, backed by U.S. Treasuries, mitigating risks associated with counterparty defaults. The stablecoin's net assets and collateral, predominantly comprised of U.S. Treasury bonds, highlight a robust risk management strategy.

PayPal's venture into stablecoins marks a significant stride in the digital payments landscape, with PYUSD's integration into the Xoom money transfer platform further accentuating its utility. While facing fluctuations, PYUSD stands as a formidable player in the stablecoin arena, promising continued intrigue amidst evolving market dynamics.

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