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SmartCIC Boosts Global Connectivity Team

With an eye on the future, SmartCIC is fortifying its global footprint by investing in top-tier talent
March 20, 2024

Introducing a new era of global connectivity, SmartCIC has strategically bolstered its team with key appointments to drive forward its international wholesale connectivity offering. With Johnatan Santana stepping into the role of Head of Carrier Wholesale and Reina Borjas as Senior Sales Manager, SmartCIC is poised to spearhead innovation and growth in the connectivity landscape.

Bringing over 15 years of experience in telecommunications and IT services, Johnatan Santana is set to lead SmartCIC's wholesale sales team, accelerating the company's expansion in the international wholesale market. Meanwhile, Reina Borjas, with over a decade of experience in the telecommunications industry, brings a wealth of expertise in sales, international market management, and product development to the table.

Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC, expressed confidence in the new additions to the team, highlighting the company's commitment to global expansion and innovation. He emphasized SmartCIC's unique 'through the line' offering, which provides customers with comprehensive solutions for global connectivity, empowering them with agility and flexibility in serving their clients.

SmartCIC's disruptive 'through the line' approach combines connectivity with field services and engineering, enabling customers to achieve lower costs, increased performance, and greater control over connectivity end-to-end. This model not only helps carrier partners capture higher margins but also enables them to meet evolving enterprise demands and secure new contracts.

Johnatan Santana shared his enthusiasm for driving SmartCIC to new heights, emphasizing the company's customer-centric and innovation-driven ethos. With a focus on building strong carrier relations and motivating the sales team, Santana aims to elevate SmartCIC's disruptive approach to connectivity.

Reina Borjas echoed Santana's sentiments, expressing excitement about SmartCIC's disruptive approach to connectivity and its readiness to deploy reliable and robust solutions supported by experts in enterprise networking.

With a network spanning over 1,000 carriers and backed by 25,000 field engineers, SmartCIC is well-positioned to deliver smart connectivity and field services solutions globally. As the company continues to innovate and adapt to the fast-paced digital landscape, its customer-centric approach and intelligence-driven solutions set it apart as a leader in the connectivity space.

In January, SmartCIC announced the appointments of Clint Collins and Matt Carpenter as Senior Sales Agents, further solidifying its commitment to accelerating sales strategies on a global scale.

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