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September 18, 2023

Unlocking Financial Freedom, Canadian Bitcoin Makes a Partnership with Costa Rica

Bull Bitcoin's game-changing partnership paves the way for crypto adoption in Costa Rica

In a groundbreaking move for Costa Rica and the broader crypto community, Canadian Bitcoin exchange Bull Bitcoin, has forged a strategic partnership with SINPE Movil, Costa Rica's premier payment system, and local wallet provider Bitcoin Jungle. This dynamic collaboration opens new doors for Costa Ricans and foreigners alike, offering them the unprecedented ability to seamlessly convert their local currency, Colones, into Bitcoin, and even further into fiat and USD through bank transfers.

Imagine having the power to swap your local currency for the world's largest cryptocurrency without the hefty fees associated with international banking services. Bull Bitcoin has made this a reality for Costa Ricans and the international community. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone, making Bull Bitcoin the first and only Bitcoin exchange in Costa Rica to facilitate Bitcoin transactions using SINPE Movil, the country's primary fiat payment system.

The implications are far-reaching. Not only does this partnership redefine the crypto landscape in Costa Rica, but it also has the potential to catalyze change throughout the region. SINPE, boasting a staggering 90% adoption rate among Costa Rican citizens, operates on a phone number-based network, offering a direct pathway to widespread Bitcoin adoption.

Bull Bitcoin goes beyond mere conversion. Their platform enables users to effortlessly switch between local fiat and the US dollar through secure bank transfers, providing multiple deposit and withdrawal options. To initiate a Bitcoin purchase, all that's required is a SINPE Movil account, accessible to Costa Rican citizens and residents. It's as straightforward as sending money to Bull Bitcoin's designated phone number, with Bitcoin then seamlessly transferring to your Bitcoin Jungle wallet via lightning technology.

This innovative system effectively transforms phone numbers into bank accounts for Bitcoin transactions, streamlining the process for both parties involved.

Bull Bitcoin's headquarters may be in Canada, but its sights are set on global expansion. Over the next year, they plan to extend their services worldwide, with Costa Rica serving as the initial stepping stone. This strategic move kickstarts their long-anticipated expansion, with aspirations to cater to a staggering one billion users worldwide.

"After almost a decade of serving a Canadian market of 35 million individuals, we're thrilled to share our acclaimed services with users across the globe," announced the company.

Bull Bitcoin's services are seamlessly integrated with Bitcoin Jungle wallets, specially designed to accommodate Costa Rican users seeking to accept Bitcoin payments. This partnership holds particular significance for various merchants, from local farm vendors to bustling markets and thriving businesses, who utilize Bitcoin Jungle in their day-to-day operations.

Notably, the ability for users to convert their crypto assets into fiat at any time significantly bolsters confidence in the system. While Bull Bitcoin forges ahead with this groundbreaking partnership, it faces competition from market leader Binance. Binance's "Send Cash" service, poised for launch in Latin American countries, allows users to send fiat through Binance Pay, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in the region's crypto evolution.

Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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