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21 Best European Fintech Companies in 2023

The fintech sector is becoming increasingly competitive as companies continuously search for ways to improve their services and offerings in order to stay ahead of the competition
By Genaro Palma
December 2, 2022

Fintech is an undeniably powerful industry.

Over the last few years, fintech apps and services have offered more and more new digital solutions that have influenced how individuals and businesses alike interact with their finances. From business banking to online payments, cryptocurrency to loans, fintech covers every avenue.

With more innovators entering the space every day, and some of the largest and most influential businesses in Europe already sitting in the fintech sector, these impressive financial industry players aren’t going anywhere soon.

We’ve rounded up the best European fintech companies and startups: from well-established household names to the ones to watch in 2023, you can find them here.

Top European Fintech Companies

First, we will focus on some of the top fintech companies: from the ones changing the finance landscape over the past few years to those whose stars rose in 2022.

Whether these 11 companies are helping consumers manage their money or providing digital business solutions, these fintech businesses have been incredibly successful in utilizing technology to help change people’s relationship with their finances.

Top European Fintech Companies

1. Wise (prev. TransferWise)

Rebranded in February 2021, Wise enables users to manage their money internationally: people can receive their salaries, pensions and personal payments easily, use their Wise debit card to spend in local currency with low fees while abroad and easily transfer funds internationally. Wise can also be used by businesses to send international invoices.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2010

Total Funding-300M

2. Revolut

Promising users “one app, all things money”, Revolut offers users easy money management, investments and more. With their “hassle free” way to send and receive payments, high interest rates, access to cryptocurrency services and rewards including cashback and discounts, Revolut offers a variety of services and monthly plans, from a free basic service to their all encompassing “metal” one.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2015

Total Funding-1.7B

3. Stripe

Stripe helps companies manage their billing and online payment processes.Their clients include a wide array of businesses from subscription services to crowdfunding platforms and startups to tech giants such as Facebook. Stripe’s offerings include software used to send and receive payments and invoices, assistance reducing the risk of fraud and helping businesses to manage their spending. The company’s aim is to increase the GDP of the internet.

Location- Dublin/ San Francisco

Founded- 2010

Total Funding-$2.2B

4. Celsius

This blockchain platform provides users access to financial services that more traditional institutions and banks don’t offer. Celsius offers what they describe as a ‘do-it-all’ app designed to help users reach their goals when trading cryptocurrency, with fair interest rates and low rates for loans.

Users have access to their own ‘Celsius wallet’ which allows them to use their coins to earn interest and take out loans in dollars.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2017

Total Funding- $903.8M

5. Monzo

No Fintech list would be complete without Monzo. With their colossal success in the last few years, Monzo has changed the way many people bank and manage their personal finances. In addition to offering an array of bank account options and loans and making it easy to transfer money, the Monzo app also helps users budget and track their spending, with optional notifications updating them on their spending. Users can have different ‘pots’ with specific budgets and easily transfer funds between them; for example,a current account, one for bills, and a specific savings pot for holidays.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2015

Total Funding-$1.1B

6. Gohenry

This money management platform is a little different than its peers. Gohenry is on a mission to educate young people when it comes to handling their finances. Children and teenagers are able to try their hand at managing their spending with debit cards that their parents are able to pay into, view and control, giving young people the opportunity to learn how to budget and manage their spending safely and with support. They offer a range of brightly coloured personalized debit cards and the ability for parents to pay pocket money and set chores that their kids are paid for on completion.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2012

Total Funding-$121.2M

7. Klarna

Stockholm based Klarna has had an undeniable impact in recent years. The company’s aim is to make online shopping easier and more accessible for consumers. Klarna enables online shoppers to have control over when they pay, offering the option to pay in installments rather than in one lump sum, interest and fee free. They also give the option to choose an installment plan and pay for items after delivery. Shoppers are able to use Klarna’s services across a wide array of online stores; from home to beauty, Klarna has played a huge role in revolutionizing online purchasing.


Sweden Founded-2005

Total Funding- $4.5B

8. Rocket Internet

Rocket Internet helps build and invests in tech companies. Their service is in providing operational support to entrepreneurs and business founders. They help incubate, invest in and grow businesses, and currently have more than 200 companies as part of their active portfolio.

Location- Berlin

Germany Founded- 2007

Total Funding-$1.7B

9. Atom Bank

Atom Bank is an entirely app-based banking service. They have no physical branches, but their service does include 365 day customer service available via their app. Atom bank also offers users a range of different savings accounts, helps with mortgages and credit and offers users secured and business loans.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2013

Total Funding-$777.9M

10. Prodigy Finance

The Prodigy Finance app offers flexible international student loans for both students’ tuition and living costs, including masters degrees. Students can easily apply for funding via the app, upload their documents and receive their allocated loans along with documents needed to help with their visa applications. Prodigy Finance offers flexible payment plans and allows students to begin paying their loans back 6 months after their degree ends to give them time to find work.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2007

Total Funding- $2.1B

11. Raisin

Raisin’s mission is to help users take control of their finances by offering them access to the best financial products. They provide users with access to the best interest rates offered by the extensive network of banks they partner with.

In 2021, they merged with Deposit solutions, forming one of Europe’s largest open banking fintech companies.

Location- Berlin

Germany Founded- 2012

Total Funding-$239.9M

Top European Fintech Startup Companies

These 10 European fintech startups are providing a wide range of services to businesses and consumers; in business, banking, insurance and more.

With the ever-expanding market bringing forth new innovations on a daily basis, these startup companies are the ones to watch in 2023 and beyond.

Top European Fintech Startup Companies

1. Capchase

Founded in Madrid and expanded worldwide, Capchase’s mission is to help SaaS business founders and CFOs by providing market insights and analytics, support and non-dilutive financing to SaaS startups.

In 2022, the company’s focus has been on their capital product, Capchase Grow, which allows business founders to grow their company with financing that enables them upfront access to future revenue.

Location- Madrid, Spain

Founded- 2020

Stage-Series B

Last Round Size-72M

Total Funding- 445.1M

2. 10x Banking

This data-driven startup was founded with a bold mission: to make banking 10x better for banks, customers and society as a whole. They offer banking services which aspire to put the customer at the center by utilizing technology, enabling users’ banks and financial service providers to supply more timely and useful insights to assist them with managing their money.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2016

Stage- Series C

Last Round Size- 160M

Total Funding- 217M

3. Alma

Alma offers more ways to pay. They provide the option to pay in installments, with financing or at a later date. Customers can choose between these options when purchasing either in stores or online. Alma ensures that whichever option consumers select, the business or service provider they’re spending with is paid in full immediately. They guarantee no set-up or subscription fees and no contract or commitment.

Location- Paris, France


Stage-Series C

Last Round Size- 115M

Total Funding-180M

4. PaySend

The Paysend app allows users to transfer money immediately and internationally for a fee of just £1. The platform makes it possible to complete transactions in a variety of ways; with bank cards and account numbers, or simply by using mobile numbers. The London based startup offers 24/7 customer support and is currently able to complete money transfers between 170 countries.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2015

Stage- Series B

Last Round Size- 125M

Total Funding-159M

5. Sunday

This innovative French startup is a solution to the ‘splitting the bill’ scenario. Restaurants using Sunday can direct guests to use their smartphone to scan a QR code on their table, which takes them to Sunday's web app. This allows guests to quickly and easily split their bill, either equally, or by dividing up items. Sunday also makes it possible to add and split tips, and pay at the time of order.

Location- Paris, France

Founded- 2021

Stage- Series A

Last Round Size- 100M

Total Funding- 124M

6. Anyfin

The Anyfin app aims to help people gain control of and improve their “financial health” by giving them an in-depth overview of their expenses, income and spending patterns. Just some of the money saving services they provide include giving Anyfin users the option to manage their subscriptions, block themselves from buying on credit and obtain small interest free loans. Since they’re passionate about helping people save, they don’t charge for a majority of the app’s available features.

Location- Stockholm, Sweden

Founded- 2017

Stage-Late VC

Last Round Size- 44.8M

Total Funding- 93.7M

7. Taxdoo

Taxdoo offers users the opportunity to “conquer all the tax challenges of e-commerce”, making EU-wide trade easy for businesses. They offer a range of services, from tax declaration to financial accounting. They offer help with tax filing throughout the EU, assisting with returns, corrections and VAT ID registrations, and provide users with a “Taxdoo dashboard” to help keep track of all things tax!

Location- Hamburg, Germany

Founded- 2016

Stage- Series B

Last Round Size- 57M

Total Funding- 75M

8. Primer

Primer is a unified framework for business payments. They offer users a seamless checkout and payment service, making it easy for customers to pay online and for businesses to receive their payments. Primer allows users to add APIs and external tools to their process, ensuring that companies are able to build their choice of payment and commerce flow with minimal effort and consumers are able to pay with their local currency and payment method.

Location- London, UK

Founded- 2020

Stage- Series B

Last Round Size- £50M

Total Funding- £74M

9. Coverflex

Coverflex is changing the way companies offer their employees their compensation. They offer a flexible, “all-in-one” solution, where employers can distribute and employees can access their benefits such as health insurance, meal discounts, transport expenses and childcare vouchers. The Coverflex app ensures that employees can find everything they need in one place, and easily use their benefits as and when they please, whether it’s an expenses paid lunch or a gym membership discount.

Location- Braga, Portugal

Founded- 2019

Stage- Pre-seed

Last Round Size- 5M

Total Funding- 5M

10. Booste

Booste is a quick-turnaround loan provider which helps digital companies finance their online marketing activities such as running online ads, courier commissions or paying for services provided by marketing agencies. Booste sends out loan offers within a 24 hour window of a company's application. Businesses then receive a virtual card which they can use to pay for their services, or they can opt for Booste’s team to handle their invoicing for them.

Location- Warsaw, Poland

Founded- 2020

Stage- Series A

Last Round Size- 12M

Total Funding- 12.4M


We’ve reached the end of our round up!

The wide range of companies we’ve included, plus the many amazing industry players that we weren’t able to mention this time goes to show not only how vast the fintech sector spans but just how many incredible innovations are currently occupying the space. From tech giants to startups, mobile banking to investments, crypto to payment services, fintech services and apps have changed the finance landscape forever for businesses and consumers alike.

We can’t wait to see what all of these companies achieve in 2023 and beyond, and of course which new players enter the ever expanding fintech market.

Here’s to a great year of innovation.

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