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August 24, 2023

Top 20 Fintech Companies To Work For

Discovering Fintech Careers: Top Companies Leading the Way


In the fast-paced and high-stress tech world, a positive work environment can significantly reduce stress levels and mitigate the risk of burnout, ensuring the physical and mental health of employees. Tech companies also rely heavily on creativity and innovation, which flourish when employees are content and comfortable in their workspaces alongside remote work options and flexible hours. Top workplaces offer exceptional benefits and employee satisfaction, regardless of whether you are a professional or are just beginning your career.

Fintech companies

In today's competitive job market, workplace culture plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining talent. It's no secret that happy and engaged employees are more productive and loyal to their organizations. Financial technology, or fintech, companies are no exception to this trend. Looking at the past Best Places to Work in Fintech awards, these companies have demonstrated their commitment to creating open, welcoming, and employee-centric workplaces.

20 top companies to work for

In this section, we will explore the top companies that have excelled in providing exceptional work environments, benefits, and growth opportunities. Let's dive into the key factors that contribute to their success and learn how they are setting the standard for the industry.

Infographic > 20 top companies to work for

Episode Six traces its roots back to seasoned professionals who were shaping the payments industry long before the term "fintech" gained prominence. Collaborating with like-minded visionaries from significant payments industry entities, Episode 6 steadily grew its global workforce, spanning more than 35 countries and serving clients on five continents. Notably, the company promotes employee well-being through Choose Bright, a wellness platform offering virtual and on-demand yoga, nutrition, and meditation classes, underscoring their commitment to a holistic work environment.

Savana, headquartered in Pennsylvania, specializes in developing advanced financial software solutions tailored for fintech firms. With a relatively small team of 25 employees and an annual revenue of $690,000, Savana has adopted a progressive approach to its workplace environment. The company promotes an environment that enables its staff to excel both in their professional roles and personal lives with its policy of offering unlimited paid time off, flexible schedules, and hybrid work options.

Savana > one of the top companies to work for

Corserv boasts a seasoned senior management and IT team with a long history in the payment system landscape. With their collective experience and past successes, Corserv is well-versed in crafting innovative financial solutions. A pull factor of their approach is a commitment to remote work, which has been in practice since the company was founded. This remote setup aligns with their philosophy of empowering employees and minimizing the constraints of traditional office-based work that values independence.

Percent provides a platform that empowers investors, borrowers, and underwriters with innovative tools, driving faster and more efficient transactions while significantly reducing costs. The company demonstrates a commitment to the growth and well-being of its employees by offering support for professional development by covering the costs of exams and annual license fees for financial certifications. They also place a strong emphasis on employee benefits by covering 100 percent of medical insurance expenses for both employees and their dependents.

Percent > one of the top companies to work for

Vestwell operates as a modern fintech engine, driving savings and investment programs aimed at both small businesses and individual savers across the nation. The company demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion through its annual summer internship program. This initiative provides opportunities for students from underrepresented groups, with a notable commitment to hiring interns as full-time employees. Vestwell also maintains relationships with the remaining interns, to welcome them back in subsequent years and offer them full-time positions.

Through Wise, individuals and businesses gain the capability to hold over different currencies to facilitate easy cross-border money transfers and use funds while abroad. Established in 2011 and co-founded by Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus, Wise demonstrates a progressive approach to its workplace environment by offering employees the opportunity to work remotely from nearly anywhere in the world for up to 90 days within 12 months. This approach promotes flexibility and accommodates the diverse needs of staff members, enabling them to balance work commitments with personal activities.

Wise > one of the top companies to work for

Envestnet bridges the gap between everyday financial decisions and long-term financial objectives, empowering individuals to gain a clearer understanding of their finances. In terms of its workplace environment, Envestnet collaborates with the Center for Financial Planning to drive the Envestnet Scholarship Program. This initiative, which has already awarded 53 scholarships amounting to over $280,000 by 2021, underscores Envestnet's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the financial planning domain.

Cross River Bank plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of financial services by offering technology infrastructure to consumers and businesses. Cross River is committed to community engagement and collaboration. Through a partnership with Sinai Schools, an organization dedicated to providing education for individuals with special needs, the company offers an internship program where students from Sinai Schools participate in internships at Cross River once a week. This initiative reflects the company's efforts to promote inclusivity, offer learning opportunities, and give back to the community.

Cross River > one of the top companies to work for

Ethic’s core mission is to make investing sustainable. The company creates personalized investment solutions that can be tailored to align with individual sustainability and financial priorities. Ethic’s workplace embraces a pet-friendly policy, welcoming furry companions daily to its headquarters. This contributes to a positive atmosphere and can reduce stress levels. Additionally, Ethic also offers a unique perk through monthly cooking sessions held in its kitchen. These sessions provide team members with the opportunity to make healthy and sustainable meals while creating social connections.

Yieldstreet, a prominent fintech company, serves as a premier private market investment platform, letting individuals venture into alternative investing with confidence and simplicity. In terms of workplace, the company's health and wellness benefits include competitive medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as paid parental leave. They also provide a generous monthly wellness stipend for all employees, creating a culture of holistic employee care. The company values professional development by offering a dedicated learning and development stipend, enhancing opportunities for skill enhancement.

Alkami Technology specializes in cloud-based digital banking solutions tailored for financial institutions across the United States. The company's ‘Alkamist in the Making’ summer internship program is thoughtfully designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with valuable hands-on work experience, allowing them to gain insight into the fintech industry's dynamics. Simultaneously, it serves as a platform for mentorship opportunities, enabling Alkami's leaders to guide and mentor the next generation of professionals.

Alkami Technology > one of the top companies to work for

PayTrace is a fintech company that provides businesses with high-value technology solutions that not only empower sales partners but also offer comprehensive and user-friendly payment solutions. They cultivate a workplace environment that blends achievement with celebration. Upon the successful completion of projects, the company employs a creative approach to acknowledge their employees' efforts. They surprise their staff with personalized videos from celebrities, obtained through the service Cameo. This approach underscores their commitment to valuing their employees and creating an inclusive and engaging work culture.

Pipe offers a revenue-based financing solution that allows businesses to leverage their revenue streams as a means of raising capital to support growth. This innovative approach helps companies access funds for various purposes, such as funding marketing campaigns, making strategic hires, purchasing inventory, or expanding into new markets. In terms of its workplace environment, the company regularly conducts ‘hackathons’ every quarter where employees spend 48 hours coding and building. This encourages cross-functional and collaborative problem-solving within the workplace.

Upgrade, established in 2017, has emerged as a fintech unicorn with a strong focus on consumer credit solutions. Their offerings encompass a range of financial products, including credit lines, personal loans, and premier savings accounts, catering to diverse financial needs. Their accolades, such as being named a "Best Place to Work in the Bay Area" for three consecutive years and recognition as one of the "Top Companies to Work for in Arizona" in 2021 and 2022, highlight their dedication to creating a positive workplace culture. Notably, Upgrade places a strong emphasis on equity and compensation, with stock incentives for employees who have been with the company for at least a year and a monthly incentive bonus program designed to reward performance.

Upgrade > one of the top companies to work for

GoodLeap is a fintech company that operates as a sustainable home solutions marketplace, catering to a wide range of clientele looking to upgrade their homes in an environmentally conscious manner. GoodLeap has garnered high ratings, with employees expressing a willingness to recommend the company as a workplace to their friends, hinting at a generally favorable work atmosphere. Additionally, employees hold a positive outlook for the company's future, which reflects a degree of confidence in its business trajectory.

MOCA has an extensive range of services that covers card issuing and processing for all card types, along with features such as BIN Principal sponsorship and other key relationships. MOCA adopts an early-stage fintech model that emphasizes a player-coach approach to management. In this structure, individuals with managerial responsibilities also actively participate in the core work, ensuring a hands-on leadership style. This approach is rooted in a belief in hiring capable candidates and creating a culture of autonomy and initiative.

Backbase, founded in 2003 in Amsterdam, is an Engagement Banking Platform (EBP) that offers solutions designed to empower banks and credit unions by streamlining the customer lifecycle. Backbase's commitment to its mission is reflected in employees frequently praising the company for its positive work environment and supportive culture. The company promotes a flexible and inclusive ethos. Their hybrid work model also allows employees the freedom to choose where they work, be it from home or one of their flexible office spaces worldwide, catering to diverse work styles.

BackBase > one of the top companies to work for

Apiture equips financial institutions with the technological tools and capabilities needed to grow in the digital era. In terms of its workplace environment, Apiture demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being by providing healthcare benefits designed to minimize out-of-pocket expenses. The company also extends this commitment to dental and vision care by fully covering the premium for employees and their dependents in these areas as well. This approach showcases Apiture's dedication to supporting the health and financial security of its employees.

Autobooks collaborates with financial institutions to integrate cash flow management, payment services, and financial reporting into existing banking channels. Their mission is to simplify small business banking, making accounting and payments easily understandable and accessible. The company demonstrates a commitment to employee financial well-being by offering traditional and Roth options for its 401(k) plan. Staff members are automatically enrolled at a 4 percent contribution rate from their salary. This approach creates long-term financial security for employees and highlights Autobooks' dedication to supporting their financial growth and stability.

Alloy offers an end-to-end identity risk management platform designed for businesses in the financial product sector. The company embraces a work culture that values employee engagement and well-being. As evident from their June 2021 retreat held in the picturesque Poconos in Pennsylvania, they prioritized team bonding and relaxation. Employees participate in the retreat, engaging in a range of activities, from hiking to trapshooting and go-karting. This employee-centered approach contributes to a positive and collaborative work culture at Alloy.


Finding the right workplace can significantly impact your career satisfaction and growth. The top fintech companies to work for prioritize employee well-being, offer competitive benefits and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. From Wise to Episode 6, these companies have demonstrated their commitment to creating exceptional work environments that attract and retain top talent.

As the fintech sector undergoes constant transformation, companies must prioritize investment in their workforce and establish workplaces designed to inspire and simplify their employees' lives. Drawing insights from the most esteemed fintech workplaces offers financial industry leaders valuable guidance on crafting inclusive and supportive atmospheres that facilitate employee growth. Whether you're an experienced veteran or embarking on a fintech career journey, these companies should be on your radar for opportunities, fulfillment, and accomplishments.

Asmi Banjara
Asmi Banjara
Content Writer at TechNews180
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