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Spire Global's Groundbreaking Project Revolutionizes Aircraft Surveillance

Real-time global flight monitoring through satellite constellation

Tietoevry Expands Global Presence with MentorMate Acquisition

Unleashing New Horizons in NA & Talent-Rich Bulgaria and Paraguay

Tractable raises $65M in Softbank-led round for AI disaster recovery

London-based insurtech firm secures funds to revolutionize expedite automotive and insurance claims process

Optalysys Raises £21M to Unlock Secure Encryption

The Agnelli family-backed firm, Optalysys: Cloud Launch, Global Expansion Fuels Tech Breakthrough

Hepster raises €10M to drive growth and profitability

German-firm Hepster secures funding to accelerate expansion into new markets, driving profitability and sustainable growth

FononTech Secures €2.3M Investment to Revolutionize Micro-Electronic Printing

Redefining Micro-Electronic Manufacturing with Eco-Friendly 3D Printing. Recent €2.3M Funding Boosts Innovation

Threads: 100M Users in 5 Days, a Record-Breaking Surge

Threads: Meta's Breakthrough Rival to Twitter Takes the Consumer App World by Storm

Bus Revolution: Diamond Seal Systems Saves Transit with Nanotech!

Embrace the Sun: New Bus Windows Treated with TiO2 Coating for Effortless Maintenance, Time & Water Savings!

AI Unleashed: Generative Chaos Engulfs the Web

Let's catch up on the world of AI! See the latest in machine learning, fascinating research, and intriguing experiments

Q.Big 3D raises €2M to unleash Queen 1 printer

Unleashing innovation: The Queen 1, an economical 3D printer, uses plastic pellets and dual nozzles

Unleashing Innovation: Israel's $11M Program Fuels Tech Startups

Tech Revolution in Israel: $11M Program Fuels Delivery, Bio-Tech, and Education

Verified users get VIP access to TweetDeck in 30 days

TweetDeck gets an upgrade: restricted access for non-verified users in 30 days. Exciting changes ahead!

Kinnu raises $6.5M to reshape edtech with AI-driven learning

“The next frontier is democratising access to the mechanism of how we learn,” says co-founder and CEO Christopher Kahler

Nanotech Startup Sparks Energy Transition with Revolutionary Materials

Prepare for a Material Innovation Revolution: VSParticle Poised to Reshape the Next Decade

Quantagonia raises €4.3M to bridge classical and quantum computing

Quantagonia secures €4.3M in funding to propel quantum computing ambitions

Immersive Fox secures €3.3M to turbocharge AI video production

AI-powered start-up in London to tune up video tools with new funding. Video analytics, UI animations, and more

VSParticle secures €14.5M to scale material discovery breakthrough

"VSParticle: Revolutionizing Material Discovery at Scale" praises Sten Tamkivi, lead investor in VSP's growth
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