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APAC Cleantech 25: Leading Sustainable Innovators Revealed

Cleantech Group unveils the APAC Cleantech 25, a curated selection of trailblazing private sustainable companies
April 19, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of sustainable innovation, the Asia-Pacific region emerges as a powerhouse, defying global trends with its robust growth in cleantech venture investment. As the world witnessed a downturn in 2023, APAC stood tall, showcasing a remarkable surge of over 100% since 2020. Riding on this wave of momentum, Cleantech Group proudly presents the APAC Cleantech 25, spotlighting the region's most promising private sustainable innovation companies poised to reshape the next decade.

Curated by an esteemed panel of experts deeply entrenched in technology and innovation scouting, the APAC Cleantech 25 represents a convergence of insights from across the region. Leveraging inputs from the Global Cleantech 100 process, Cleantech Group meticulously sifts through a wealth of data points, spanning investments, partnerships, and accolades, to identify companies exhibiting the strongest patterns of validation.

In a year marked by resilience, APAC shone brightly, witnessing no drop-off in venture investment, a testament to its unwavering commitment to cleantech advancement. Notably, China spearheaded the charge, fueling explosive growth in Energy & Power, particularly in solar power, electric vehicles, and batteries, reshaping the regional cleantech landscape.

The 2024 APAC Cleantech 25 showcases a diverse array of innovations, ranging from hollow-fiber hydrogen separation membranes to silicon-carbide anodes for lithium-ion batteries, reflecting the region's breadth and depth of expertise across various industries.

As APAC cleantech innovators continue to push boundaries and defy expectations, the region emerges as a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change. With a burgeoning ecosystem fostering collaboration and innovation, the APAC Cleantech 25 serves as a testament to the region's collective resolve to address the pressing challenges of our time. As these 25 trailblazers prepare to be honored at the upcoming Cleantech Forum Asia, the stage is set for fruitful collaborations and transformative endeavors, propelling us closer to a sustainable future.

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