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August 28, 2023

Belgian Startup Raises €2.15M To Transform Beverage Consumption

Dripl's €2.15M boost: unbottling a greener future across Europe, aiming to eliminate 1 billion plastic bottles

Amid the clamor for sustainability and mindful consumption, Belgian startup Dripl emerges as a symbol of transformation, securing a robust €2.15 million in growth capital. With an eco-conscious vision that spans Belgium, the Netherlands, and the broader European landscape, Dripl is on a mission to orchestrate a 'refillution'—a revolution in how beverages are consumed and packaged.

The financial infusion, a marriage of equity and convertible loans, comes from a consortium of visionary backers including Faraday VP, The Source (Spadel Group), and a league of angel investors. GreenPark Investments' founding partner Wim Vernaeve, Jonas Mallisse of Eat More Trees, and Foodbag CEO Stéphane Ronse bolster the ranks, underscoring a collective commitment to reshaping consumption norms.

In the heart of Dripl's narrative lies an urgent call to action. Belgium's annual soft drink consumption—averaging a staggering 1.4 billion liters—contributes to a deluge of waste: 930 million plastic bottles and 2 billion cans. Dripl's audacious goal is clear—to stem this tide of disposability and champion a new era of mindful hydration.

Since its inception in 2021, Dripl's journey has been one of transformation. Over 200 customers have embraced a health-conscious pivot away from conventional sodas through Dripl's innovative refill points. Aiding businesses in waste reduction and carbon footprint diminution, Dripl's vending machines not only chill and infuse flavor but also carbonate tap water. A powerful collaboration that has already prevented over 2.5 million disposable packages from entering circulation.

However, Dripl's aspirations don't halt there. The grand vision is to eliminate the need for and circulation of 1 billion plastic bottles and cans by 2030. The conviction is unwavering, fueled by a consumer landscape that actively seeks sustainable alternatives and a regulatory environment that amplifies this shift.

Colin Deblonde, Dripl's co-founder and CEO, encapsulates the journey's significance. "In Europe, an enormous growth potential lies due to the average consumer actively seeking sustainable alternatives, and regulations playing a significant role in this as well," Deblonde emphasizes. As Dripl pioneers a 'refillution' fueled by innovation and conviction, its story reverberates as a harbinger of a greener, more mindful tomorrow.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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