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August 1, 2023

Berlin's ecoworks Raises €22M to Revolutionize Building Retrofitting

Berlin's ecoworks revolutionizes housing retrofitting with €22m funding. Investors bank on cutting-edge 3D planning

In an eco-conscious stride towards sustainability, Berlin-based ecoworks secures a €22 million Series A funding round to automate housing retrofitting, curbing CO2 emissions significantly. Pioneering digital 3D planning and prefabrication, the startup aims to slash on-site emissions by up to 80%, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the rehabilitation sector. Join us as we delve into ecoworks' mission to retrofit buildings with a second skin, transforming them into energy-plus structures within weeks.

Ecoworks' visionary platform, backed by a consortium of forward-thinking investors like PropTech1 Ventures, Zacua Ventures, and Blackhorn Ventures, envisions a greener future for housing stock. By harnessing digital 3D planning and leveraging prefabrication techniques, ecoworks is poised to revolutionize the retrofitting segment.

The startup's innovative approach involves developing and designing façade and roof elements that seamlessly wrap around existing buildings, akin to a second skin. This transformation process moves a staggering 80% of carbon-emitting activities from the construction site to controlled factories, significantly reducing the ecological impact of the retrofitting process.

The results are nothing short of remarkable - ecoworks claims it can turn an energy-inefficient building into an energy-plus structure within a matter of weeks. This speedy and sustainable approach aligns with the company's core mission: to contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emissions in the construction industry.

CEO Emanuel Heisenberg believes that the latest funding round paves the way to financial independence and profitability, which are pivotal for ecoworks to cement its leadership in the rehabilitation sector. The startup's focus now rests on efficient delivery, cost reduction, and continued software platform development to further drive its sustainability mission.

At the forefront of sustainable innovation, ecoworks is spearheading a transformative journey to automate housing retrofitting and mitigate CO2 emissions. With a cutting-edge platform powered by digital 3D planning and prefabrication, the startup envisions a greener, carbon-neutral future for the construction industry. By turning buildings into energy-plus structures within weeks, ecoworks exemplifies its commitment to making a significant impact on environmental conservation. With financial independence within reach, ecoworks stands resolute in its mission to lead the rehabilitation sector, fostering a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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