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Brill Power revolutionizes large-scale battery operations

Brill Power's scalable solution is poised to unlock the full potential of battery storage systems
July 12, 2023

Brill Power, a spin-out from Oxford University, has developed a game-changing solution for large-scale energy storage. Their innovative technology addresses the key challenges faced by battery systems, offering improved performance and commercial advantages.

The company recently introduced BESA BP6X1, a modular system that integrates battery management, power conversion, edge computing, monitoring, and analytics into a single solution. This comprehensive platform optimizes battery performance for industrial, commercial, and utility-scale applications, paving the way for enhanced energy storage capabilities.

Using their proprietary hardware, known as BrillCore, Brill Power implements intelligent 'active loading' of battery cells or modules. This innovative approach eliminates the limitations posed by the weakest cell in the pack, extending battery lifetime by up to 60%. By significantly increasing battery longevity, the need for costly replacements is reduced, resulting in up to a 29% decrease in capital expenditure and a 50% reduction in carbon costs associated with degraded cells.

Furthermore, Brill Power's advanced system enhances the safety and uptime of battery systems. It employs fault detection and isolation mechanisms, enabling continuous operation by bypassing faults. The solution also features their versatile Operating System for batteries, equipped with high-precision monitoring algorithms, customizable settings, and over-the-air updates. With OTA capabilities, customers can enjoy enduring and flexible software that remains compatible with future battery technologies.

Brill Power is revolutionizing the battery storage landscape, addressing the critical challenges faced by the industry and driving the transition towards cleaner energy solutions. With their groundbreaking technology, they are set to transform the efficiency, durability, and sustainability of battery systems, making a significant impact on the clean energy sector.

According to Birkl, Brill Power's system brings major environmental advantages, eliminating the necessity for cell replacements in large-scale grid operations: "One market research company estimates that about 50% of all investments by 2030 in the UK will go towards owning replacements and grid-scale battery systems. Avoid that replacement,and we avoid many costs and reduce the environmental footprint."

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