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July 24, 2023

Cambridge-Based Climate Venture Builder Secures $2.2M Seed Funding

UK start-up pioneers carbon-conscious decisions

Cambridge-based Carbon13 has clinched a significant $2.2 million Seed round, attracting investment from True Ventures and four family offices. As a climate venture builder, Carbon13 is focused on scaling its support to entrepreneurs driving decarbonization and carbon capture solutions. With a keen emphasis on people-driven innovation, the UK start-up has already nurtured over 350 founders and invested in 46 start-ups since 2021.

Carbon13, a Cambridge-based climate venture builder, has successfully raised a notable $2.2 million Seed round, drawing investment from True Ventures and four family offices. The funding comes at a crucial juncture, as Carbon13 aims to expand its support to entrepreneurs tackling urgent global challenges in decarbonization and carbon capture.

Chris Coleridge, CEO and co-founder of Carbon13, expressed the significance of this investment in scaling their efforts to combat climate change. As a climate venture builder, Carbon13 offers invaluable support to start-ups through its Venture Builder Europe, Venture Builder UK, and Venture Launchpad programs. Since 2021, the company has already assisted over 350 founders and invested in 46 start-ups.

True Ventures' Vice President, Priscilla Tyler, emphasized the alignment of values and belief in the power of creative entrepreneurs, making Carbon13 a compelling addition to their climate tech investment portfolio. The partnership seeks to bolster the impact of carbon-neutralizing technology and fortify crucial work toward mitigating climate change.

Carbon13's recent $2.2 million Seed funding marks a significant milestone for the Cambridge-based climate venture builder. With backing from True Ventures and four family offices, the UK start-up is poised to escalate its support for entrepreneurs striving to tackle global decarbonization challenges. By prioritizing people-driven innovation and investing in promising solutions, Carbon13 aims to make a resounding impact in the fight against climate change. As the partnership between Carbon13 and its investors thrives, the world awaits to witness the transformative strides toward a more sustainable future.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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