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July 31, 2023

Dioxycle Eco-Innovation: Transforming Carbon Emissions into Everyday Essentials

French Start-Up Seeks Industrial Visionaries to Revolutionize CO2 Conversion

In a groundbreaking leap towards sustainability, French start-up Dioxycle has harnessed cutting-edge technology that can transform carbon emissions into sustainable ethylene at equal or lower costs than fossil-based alternatives. This revolutionary process not only offers the potential to create eco-friendly clothing and packaging but also produce jet fuel, coolants, and antifreeze. With ambitious plans to accelerate their climate-conscious mission, Dioxycle has recently secured an impressive $17 million in Series A funding, paving the way for an industrial-emission-busting revolution.

In a world where carbon emissions abound, Dioxycle's groundbreaking technology sees CO2 as a valuable resource. By efficiently converting carbon dioxide, the start-up aims to unlock a myriad of possibilities, ranging from sustainable everyday items to crucial industrial applications. Co-founder and CTO, David Wakerley, envisions a carbon-converting electrolyser capable of emulating the ecological impact of 20,000 trees, driving the production of sustainable ethylene.

Fueling their vision with financial backing, Dioxycle has secured a significant Series A funding round of $17 million. This infusion of capital promises to catapult the start-up into a new and exciting phase of development, marked by the creation of an unprecedented industrial-emission-busting demonstrator. Bolstering their team with experienced candidates in electrolyser scale-up and process integration, Dioxycle is poised to revolutionize the Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) industry.

Dioxycle's remarkable journey embodies the fusion of technology and sustainability as they revolutionize carbon utilization in the pursuit of a greener future. Empowered by visionary investors, the start-up's ambition to empower chemical manufacturers with emission recycling technology promises to reshape industries and steer us towards a more climate-friendly path. With Dioxycle at the forefront of CCUS innovation, their mission to scale sustainable technologies at a rapid pace is bound to impact the world and drive us closer to our shared climate goals.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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