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September 27, 2023

Fresh Funding Fuels's Mission to Reshape Gadget Lifespan

It's all about amplifying the longevity of our daily gadgets

Imagine the immense savings – from mineral resources and manufacturing to distribution – if we could just refurbish and reuse our phones and laptops instead of discarding them prematurely or watching them become obsolete due to unsupportive software updates. has grabbed the spotlight, garnering support from the renowned Helvetia Venture Fund, a wing of Switzerland's premium insurance group, Helvetia. They're not alone in their vision. Fellow believers, Autonom and The Mavers, have also stepped in as financial allies. Having collected an impressive €6m already,'s grand vision revolves around the concept of Integrated Insurance in Devices-as-a-Service (DaaS). This is not just about leasing hardware to businesses but reshaping the very essence of how companies view and manage gadgets for their teams.

The DaaS concept isn't novel. It's the framework for the new-age tech transition, ensuring businesses meet rising needs for efficiency, eco-consciousness, and flexibility. However,'s approach is groundbreaking. With a focus on Western Europe and a stronghold in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), their Dutch roots are set to spearhead a global tech revolution. Their objective? Altering the dynamics of device ownership for businesses. The shift from outright purchase to a more fluid, rental model is evident as companies become more cash-savvy and environmentally aware.

Stefano Saeger of Helvetia Venture Fund highlighted the potential of's mission. He said, “Business transformation is imminent. DaaS is that transformative tool. doesn’t just provide a solution, it offers a blend of sustainability and risk management. Their commitment to a circular economy is commendable, and the insurance know-how they bring is unparalleled."'s DaaS 2.0 focuses on two pillars: Integrated Insurance and heightened security. This isn’t just about renting devices. It’s a transformative model that ensures businesses are shielded from all possible risks, from accidental device mishaps to eventual device value depreciation. Breathing New Life into Gadgets.'s strategy is crystal clear – stretch out the device lifespan. Every device they provide comes with comprehensive insurance, safeguarding businesses against the unpredictable – be it a clumsy spill or an unexpected theft. Coupled with their superior device security, they promise to cut down internal device management time significantly.'s CEO, Liviu Huluță, elucidated on their unique offering. He said, "Our integrated insurance is game-changing. Not only does it prolong device usability through proper care, but it also slashes the overall ownership cost. By combining insurance into our package, we eradicate the steep insurance acquisition costs, leading to client savings."

With, businesses can seamlessly handle device operations, be it repairs or international decommissioning. The flexibility to update (or even downgrade) devices is a boon, especially when tech giants like Apple and Samsung keep unveiling new models.

A notable advantage of DaaS is its green quotient. Reusing devices slashes e-waste and trims a company’s carbon trail. further elongates device life through proper maintenance under their integrated insurance model. For corporations gunning for maximum sustainability in their tech usage, emerges as the champion offering unrivaled reassurance. All in all, as the world steers toward a sustainable future,'s innovation is not just about tech evolution, but a much-needed tech revolution.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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