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April 18, 2023

ImpactableX - The First Impact Rating Platform

ImpactableX launches the first platform for measuring ROI of social and environmental innovation

Introducing the first-ever impact rating platform, ImpactableX measures the return on investment (ROI) of social and environmental innovations. Using ImpactableX's impact rating platform, investors and companies can now evaluate the ROI of their social and environmental initiatives in an impartial and well-supported manner. Moreover, their performance can be compared with that of other companies through an AI-driven dashboard.

Organizations and companies have to cover ever-increasing requirements in response to the increased sustainability demands. To answer this, ImpactableX has created an innovative platform that connects private companies with impact investors, providing a centralized data source for impact analysis. Utilizing AI technology, the platform can gather and analyze data from various markets, geographies, and impact metrics in accordance with global and industry standards. Users can input simple data points, and then the AI will calculate the financial value of social good and assign a rating that reflects their credibility. Real-time comparisons of performance with other companies can be made through the algorithm, which aggregates impact metrics, contextualizes data, and makes ROI forecasts. In turn, fund managers receive transparent and reliable insights, and investors are able to assess the impact performance of their investments.


“Until now, investors had no data-informed way of evaluating social and environmental return on investment. Now, they can clearly see the legitimacy of company claims and make decisions to maximize for both financial and impact ROI,”

- comments the founder and CEO of ImpactableX, Catherine Griffin.

“By assigning financial value to social and environmental outcomes, we are standardizing impact analysis and helping to direct capital toward solutions that truly move the needle.”

With the support of Tidal Impact and The Sustainable Oceans Alliance, two strategic allies, and dozens of leading venture-backed companies, ImpactableX has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. Its innovative approach hasn't gone unnoticed, and it was named a World-Changing Idea in 2021 by Fast Company. As of today, ImpactableX continues to disrupt the industry providing ultimate solutions to long-standing issues.

Elitsa Kaleva
Elitsa Kaleva
Content Writer at TechNews180
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