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August 10, 2023

Istanbul's Climate-Fintech Pioneer Secures Seed Funding to Fuel Global Impact

In the realm of carbon credits and RECs, this Turkish startup's funding fuels global horizons

Embarking on a transformative journey at the crossroads of climate action and financial innovation is Erguvan, a trailblazing climate-fintech startup nestled in the vibrant heart of Istanbul, Turkey. With the winds of change blowing in its favor, Erguvan has soared to new heights, capturing the attention of prominent investors Emirates NBD and Deniz Ventures. This captivating tale unfolds as Erguvan secures an undisclosed sum in a visionary seed round, valuing the company at an impressive $7.33 million.

Erguvan's rise shines a spotlight on the convergence of climate consciousness and financial prowess. Positioned at the forefront of climate-fintech, the Istanbul-based startup ingeniously merges sustainability and technology, setting the stage for a harmonious future. As the first recipient of a strategic investment from Emirates NBD's $100 million venture fund, Erguvan's endeavors resonate as a beacon of innovation that ignites a movement toward greener horizons.

Similar to its contemporaries, Erguvan unfurls its wings to embrace the world of carbon credits and renewable energy certificates (RECs). Standing as a pivotal player, it extends an invitation to financial institutions and corporates through a groundbreaking B2B marketplace. In tandem, Erguvan introduces API-powered carbon accounting software solutions, laying the foundations for seamless integration of environmental accountability into the heart of business operations.

With the momentum of newfound investment propelling its ambitions, Erguvan charts a course beyond its native Istanbul, aiming to expand its innovative footprint across international landscapes. The fresh infusion of funds acts as a catalyst, igniting the engine of growth and fueling the startup's aspiration to become a globally recognized force, transcending geographical boundaries and cultivating a legacy of sustainability.

In the bustling streets of Istanbul, a remarkable tale of climate-conscious finance unfolds, as Erguvan pioneers the intersection of innovation and environmental responsibility. Through a strategic seed funding round, this visionary startup harnesses the support of Emirates NBD and Deniz Ventures, setting the stage for a journey toward global expansion. As Erguvan ignites a trailblazing path, it paints a vibrant picture of a world where climate and finance harmonize to create a legacy that transcends time and transforms the way we do business.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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