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September 5, 2023

London's United Robots: AI Cleaning Revolution Ahead

United Robots' Innovative Cleaning Robots Set to Revolutionize Industrial Safety and Efficiency

In the bustling world of warehouses and industrial settings, safety is paramount. Slips, trips, and falls account for the most common accidents, with spills and debris responsible for a staggering 30% of such incidents, according to the American National Safety Council. The cost of halting operations for cleaning due to worker injuries can be substantial. However, a London-based deep tech startup, United Robots, is stepping up to address this challenge with a fleet of autonomous industrial cleaning robots that promise to redefine safety and efficiency.

United Robots has unveiled a game-changing solution: a fleet of autonomous industrial cleaning robots that are set to transform the way industrial spaces are maintained. Notably, the company has garnered support from Aper Ventures and other investors to further develop and deploy these innovative robots.

Dariusz Mankowski, CEO and co-founder of United Robots, emphasized the exceptional qualities of their robots, stating, "Our robots are not only highly efficient and reliable but also possess a unique ability to work seamlessly alongside humans in crowded environments in real-time. We've reimagined traditional machines, enabling each robot to pivot in place, making them the most agile autonomous scrubbers available."

Aper Ventures, one of the key investors in United Robots, believes that this venture signifies a paradigm shift where machines complement human tasks rather than disrupt them. Piotr Sławski, Managing Partner at Aper Ventures, shared insights, saying, "Our investment in these floor scrubbing robots marks a significant shift, showcasing how deep tech solutions enhance tasks within warehouses, automotive facilities, and manufacturing plants while addressing staffing shortages."

Founded in 2016 by Dariusz Mankowski in London, United Robots has developed cutting-edge autonomous industrial cleaning robots equipped with advanced AI detection capabilities. These robots possess the remarkable ability to navigate even the most crowded industrial spaces efficiently. According to the company, a single robot can scrub an area equivalent to two football fields on a single charge.

What sets these robots apart is their unwavering commitment to worker safety. They ensure continuous cleaning without compromising the well-being of human counterparts. Utilizing smart AI-driven systems, these robots prevent cleaning overlaps, resulting in the conservation of water, detergents, and energy. This sustainable approach offers an eco-friendly cleaning solution that significantly reduces maintenance costs for warehouses and manufacturing sites.

After rigorous testing in Poland, Europe's fourth-largest warehouse supply market, United Robots is gearing up for its debut in the United Kingdom and Germany. Businesses that embrace this transformative technology can anticipate cost savings of up to an impressive 85%.

United Robots' innovative cleaning robots represent a pivotal step towards redefining safety and efficiency in industrial settings. With their unmatched agility, commitment to human safety, and sustainable cleaning practices.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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