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August 3, 2023

Revel Hits the One Million Mark

One Million Clean Rides, Boosting Air Quality & Curbing Climate Change

Revel, the renowned all-electric ride-share service, celebrates a momentous milestone - one million electric rides in just two years since its launch in New York City. Senator Chuck Schumer, taking the millionth ride, highlights the impact of President Biden's "Inflation Reduction Act" in electrifying urban areas and curbing emissions.

From its origins as an electric moped-sharing service, Revel transitioned to an all-electric ride-share with 50 Tesla Model Y cars in 2021. Today, its fleet boasts 300 active EVs operated by dedicated salaried employees, distinguishing itself from competitors like Uber and Lyft.

At its flagship EV fast-charging Superhub in Brooklyn, Revel commemorated the achievement with an event, underscoring its commitment to a greener future. The Superhub features 25 high-speed DC fast chargers, catering to various EV models, including Tesla and Kia Niro.

Senator Schumer emphasized the significance of EV adoption in combating carbon emissions, with Revel's milestone contributing to offsetting over 1,844 metric tons of CO2 - equivalent to 42,000 trees' CO2 capture.

Revel's early electric focus gives it a competitive edge, aligning with Mayor Eric Adams' goal of transitioning Lyft and Uber fleets to zero-emissions vehicles by 2030.

As the leading provider of public EV fast charging in NYC, Revel's Superhubs embrace the public 24/7, offering rapid charging with no hidden fees. With an ambitious expansion plan, Revel is well-positioned to continue leading toward sustainable and clean urban mobility.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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