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August 15, 2023

Tech Innovations Battle Wildfires: How Dryad Solution Rewrites Firefighting

AI that detects wildfires during their smouldering phase

As each summer unfurls, scorching heat waves are accompanied by distressing tales of wildfires, singeing landscapes from Australia to Greece and the United States. The calamitous impact is palpable — ecosystems razed, environments scarred, workplaces and homes devoured, and precious lives lost. The grim repercussions even extend to carbon emissions, as nations grapple with the arduous task of rebuilding from the ashes.

While the devastation often focuses on the ruins of homes, it's essential not to overlook the forests that become prime tinderboxes. The question resonates: How can these sprawling forests, like the Amazon and remote parts of Australia, be shielded from the merciless flames? The answer lies in an intersection of technology and innovation.

Enter German startup Dryad Networks, emerging as a torchbearer of hope. Amidst landscapes vulnerable to rapid conflagrations, their groundbreaking creation, Silvanet, takes center stage. Harnessing an arsenal of satellite imagery, ground cameras, drones, and watchtowers, this suite of products comes to life, detecting wildfires during their smoldering genesis. The key lies in the deployment of highly sensitive gas sensors, engineered to perceive minute traces of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and other gasses — all with pinpoint precision, measured down to the parts-per-million (PPM) scale.

The technology operates seamlessly through solar-powered sensors, bolstered by embedded AI, capable of measuring an array of parameters — gasses, temperature, humidity, and air pressure. These sensors coalesce with Silvanet gateways using LoRa, a long-range radio network for IoT that empowers seamless communication. The brilliance of the AI lies in its continuous training, acclimating to the distinctive "scent" of a forest ablaze. Dryad Networks undertakes rigorous training by collecting samples from diverse forests worldwide, erasing the need for continual retraining.

However, the journey to effective forest fire prevention isn't without its challenges. Communication in dense forest cover and the crafting of ruggedized hardware that can weather two decades without maintenance pose significant hurdles. As Dryad Networks' CEO, Carsten Brinkschulte, illustrates, "The problem is the challenge to establish communications in a forest. You may be able to do sensors and demonstrate them in the urban environment, but in the depths of the forest, things get really challenging."

Yet, despite these trials, Dryad Networks' solution gains momentum. It's deployed across regions spanning Greece, Spain, Portugal, California, and Canada, even proving its mettle amidst the towering giants of California's Redwoods. The startup's triumphs include a massive deployment with CalFire, comprising 400 Silvanet sensors, and a proof of concept with California utility company PG&E, battling the flames that engulfed 1,500 wildfires in 2022.

As Dryad Networks continues to evolve, the question of who bears the financial mantle in the pursuit of environmental protection emerges. Forestry, private and otherwise, comes to the fore, with the startup's gaze expanding to incorporate soil moisture and plant growth detection. Yet, for now, utility companies and municipalities wield a potent ally in their unyielding fight against the relentless fury of wildfires.

In a world where the future of our forests hangs precariously, Dryad Networks don't just mitigate damage but also safeguard lives, habitats, and the Earth itself.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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