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June 14, 2023

Voima Ventures Secures €90m for Deeptech Innovation

Pioneering Nordic Fund Fuels Deeptech Spinout Revolution

Voima Ventures, the leading Nordic investor, has achieved a significant milestone with the closing of its €90 million third fund. Focused on supporting early-stage deep science startups, Voima Ventures aims to propel Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurs from research laboratories and university spinouts to success. The fund's strategic approach, combined with its commitment to sustainability and impact, sets it apart in the region's startup ecosystem.

In just a few years, Voima Ventures has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its investment team and establishing a new office in Stockholm. The increasing awareness and significance of deeptech startups in the Nordics have played a crucial role in attracting investments. Mikko Kumpulainen and Inka Mero, the founders of Voima Ventures, have witnessed the transformation of the startup landscape, where climate change, health challenges, and quantum computing have gained prominence and captured the attention of investors.

Voima Ventures' third fund is dedicated to supporting early-stage deep science startups, with a focus on sectors such as green transition, disruptive healthtech, and game-changing technologies like quantum computing. The fund's commitment to sustainability and diversity is reflected in its Article 8 designation under the EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) criteria. By setting company-specific impact goals and tying part of its carry to these objectives, Voima Ventures actively demonstrates its dedication to making a difference.

The fund's portfolio includes transformative companies working on innovative solutions, such as liquid biopsy technology, which has the potential to revolutionize healthcare accessibility. Voima Ventures aims to bring such impactful technologies to the market, ensuring they benefit society as a whole rather than just a privileged few. By prioritizing long-term impact and tackling challenges in areas like climate change, Voima Ventures is committed to driving meaningful change in industries and making a lasting difference.

Voima Ventures leverages its extensive network in academia and research institutions to identify promising spinouts and collaborate with renowned technological universities across the Nordics. Through its strong partnerships with institutions like Helsinki University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Voima Ventures continues to expand its reach and foster scientific entrepreneurship. The fund also plans to add a venture partner in the Baltics, further strengthening its position as the region's foremost science-centric early-stage deeptech investor.

Voima Ventures' successful closing of its €90 million third fund reinforces its leading position in Nordic deeptech investing. With a focus on supporting deep science startups and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, the fund aims to drive innovation, solve global challenges, and create a positive impact in society. By bridging the gap between research and commercialization, Voima Ventures propels the Nordic and Baltic startup ecosystem forward, unlocking the potential of transformative technologies and nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurial talent.

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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