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July 27, 2023

Constellr's Vision to Safeguard Global Food Supply Receives €17M Funding Boost

€7M boost to safeguard food and grow in North America

Constellr, the innovative space technology startup, is on a mission to ensure the world's food security with its cutting-edge temperature, water, and carbon measurement solutions for the agricultural sector. Securing an impressive €17 million in an extended seed round, Constellr is set to bolster its market position and expand operations to encompass North America. With prominent investors like Lakestar, FTTF, Karista, and Einstein Industries Ventures on board, the company's CEO envisions a paradigm shift in how the agricultural sector tackles climate challenges.

Constellr's vision for safeguarding the global food supply has taken a giant leap forward, with an additional €17 million secured in an extended seed round. Founded as a spin-out from the esteemed Fraunhofer Institute, the company is at the forefront of space-based temperature, water, and carbon measurement solutions designed to revolutionize agriculture.

The initial €10 million seed round, co-led by Lakestar and VSquared, garnered significant support from renowned investors, including FTTF, IQT, Amathaon Capital, Natural Ventures, EIT Food, OHB Venture Capital, Next Humanity, and Seraphim. This formidable investor base underlined the significance of Constellr's approach.

The recent seed round extension saw Parisian firm Karista taking the lead and Einstein Industries Ventures contributing their expertise. The additional funding will be instrumental in enhancing Constellr's market position and facilitating its expansion into the North American market.

Dr. Max Guide, the CEO of Constellr, expressed his confidence in the transformative potential of their technology. By building the most precise layer of thermal imaging data, Constellr aims to drive a profound shift in how the global agricultural sector adapts to climate challenges. With the support of leading investors, including Karista, whose focus will drive their market entry in France, and Einstein Industries Ventures, with their in-depth space industry knowledge, Constellr's groundbreaking solution is gaining momentum.

Constellr's ambitious quest to revolutionize agricultural practices has received a significant boost with a remarkable €17 million seed round extension. Armed with cutting-edge space-based technology, the company aims to secure the global food supply and pave the way for sustainable agricultural practices in an evolving climate. With the backing of esteemed investors and a strategic market expansion plan, Constellr's vision to tackle climate challenges in the agricultural sector is well on its way to becoming a reality. As the company marches forward, its transformative impact promises to shape the future of global food security.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content Writer at TechNews180
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