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Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky Resigns

Amazon's cloud computing business is undergoing as CEO Adam Selipsky prepares to step down from his role next month
May 15, 2024

Amazon's cloud computing business is undergoing a leadership transition as CEO Adam Selipsky steps down from his role next month, the company announced on Tuesday.

Matt Garman, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Amazon Web Services (AWS), will succeed Selipsky after his departure on June 3, Amazon said.

Selipsky, 57, who has been with AWS for about 14 years, stated in a memo to employees that he is leaving the company to spend more time with his family. He expressed confidence in the future of the cloud business, describing it as "bright."

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy praised Selipsky for his leadership, noting that he has "deftly led the business." Jassy also expressed confidence in Garman, an 18-year veteran of the company, stating that he has "an unusually strong set of skills and experiences for his new role."

The transition comes as Amazon reorganizes its sustainability efforts. Jassy announced in a memo on Tuesday that Amazon's worldwide sustainability organization, previously overseen by Selipsky, will now fall under the company’s global communications and community impact division.

Selipsky's departure marks the latest high-profile executive exit from Amazon. Dave Limp, the company's devices chief, left last August to join Jeff Bezos’ rocket venture Blue Origin. Additionally, Chris Vonderhaar, an AWS vice president, announced his departure last May.

In his memo, Jassy reflected on Selipsky's tenure, noting his significant contributions to AWS. Under Selipsky's leadership, AWS reached a $100 billion annual revenue run rate and continued to innovate, releasing new services such as Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Q.

Matt Garman, who will take over as CEO of AWS, joined Amazon as an MBA intern in 2005 and has since held various leadership roles within the company. Jassy praised Garman for his customer focus, product leadership, and deep understanding of AWS.

With this leadership transition, Amazon is signaling its commitment to continuing the growth and innovation of its cloud computing business under Garman's leadership.

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