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Apple Scores Big with Apple Sports App

Apple is upping its game in the world of sports and subscriptions with the debut of Apple Sports—a game-changer
February 22, 2024

Apple is doubling down on its commitment to sports and subscriptions with the debut of its newest offering, Apple Sports. This innovative app, tailored for iPhone users, is set to redefine the sports experience by providing real-time scores, stats, and comprehensive information on beloved teams and leagues. But Apple isn't just entering the game—it's revolutionizing it.

Available initially in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, Apple Sports will cover an impressive array of leagues, including MLS, NBA, NCAA, NHL, and many more. As the app evolves, additional leagues like MLB and NFL will join the roster, ensuring a comprehensive sports experience for users.

With Apple Sports, customization is key. Users can personalize their scoreboards to track favorite teams, leagues, and tournaments, while seamlessly navigating between sections for play-by-play updates, team stats, lineup details, and even live betting odds—though this feature can be toggled off for those who prefer to focus solely on the game.

While the app itself is free, its strategic integration with Apple's other subscription services opens up a world of possibilities. By directing users to offerings like the Apple TV app, where live games and exclusive content await, Apple is poised to further expand its services revenue. This move builds upon Apple's existing partnerships, including a 10-year streaming deal with Major League Baseball, demonstrating a long-term commitment to the sports industry.

As Apple Sports makes its debut alongside the start of MLS' 29th season and Lionel Messi's inaugural full season with the league, excitement is palpable. Apple TV+ subscribers can even enjoy special discounts on the MLS Season Pass, underscoring the company's dedication to enhancing the sports viewing experience for all.

Available in multiple languages and compatible with iOS 17.2 or later, Apple Sports.

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