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Apple Unveils iPhone 15, iCloud+ Expands, and More Tech Highlights

Apple's big reveal, iPhone 15 & Pro embrace USB-C, fueled by EU influence square's outage woes resolved
September 19, 2023

Apple's recent press conference took the tech world by storm with exciting announcements. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro took center stage, featuring USB-C connectors in response to EU regulations. But that's just the beginning.

iCloud+ Goes Big with 6 TB and 12 TB Options

Apple also revealed plans to enhance iCloud+ with new storage options of 6 TB and 12 TB, catering to the needs of photographers and filmmakers gearing up for impressive camera upgrades with the iPhone 15.

While the iPhone 15 Pro boasts USB 3 speeds for lightning-fast file transfers, there's a catch. Users won't experience these speeds out of the box – they'll need an optional USB 3 cable. But good news: the new "spatial video" mode requires no extra accessories.

The casino industry faced turbulence as MGM Resorts encountered a "cybersecurity issue," resulting in system outages at their Las Vegas properties. From ATM cash dispensers to slot machines, the incident even impacted payment methods at hotel restaurants.

Tesla's eagerly anticipated Cybertruck has resurfaced with an updated interior, including changes to its wheels and center console. What this means for the final product remains uncertain, but it's a tantalizing glimpse.

Flexport, the logistics startup, made waves with the departure of former Amazon executive Dave Clark as CEO. Founder Ryan Petersen revealed plans to rescind job offers and reevaluate office space, signaling a move to rein in costs and restructure the company.

In a development with implications for the autonomous trucking industry, the California Senate passed a bill requiring a trained human safety operator for self-driving heavy-duty vehicles on public roads. The fate of AB 316 now rests in Governor Gavin Newsom's hands.

Square, owned by The Block, successfully resolved a prolonged service outage that left small business owners unable to process payments. The glitch was finally fixed, restoring the platform to its full functionality.

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