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Are Old-School Internet Resources Still Relevant in Modern Tech?

One word that could describe much of the Internet today is oversaturation
May 27, 2024

Every day, we are inundated with messages from hundreds of brands and individuals, all vying for our attention to give them what they want. These messages may come as an email, text alert, social media notification, news update from an app, or a vast array of other sources.

Modern technology is defined by constant innovation. It is why a new iPhone comes out seemingly every year, and people will gobble up the latest “whatever” simply because it is new, even if the features and benefits are no different from the previous iteration.

With all that being said, is there still a place for old-school Internet resources in this world? Can businesses take advantage of more traditional tools to grow their brands? Can users have a pleasing experience online without the fast pace of today’s technologies? Let’s look at why some older Internet resources are still relevant in 2024.

Unmoderated Discussions

Many modern-day Internet forums are heavily moderated. While free speech is often a mantra for these social media platforms and discussion boards, there are often plenty of regulations in place to moderate what can be said and who can say it. Some older Internet resources take the term unmoderated quite literally. Usenet, for example, is like a social network that predates the Internet. This centralized cluster of servers hosts newsgroups, which are topics that users engage in with discussions and uploading/downloading articles. All you need to do is find the right combination of price and features to meet your demands from a Usenet provider as well as a newsreader program and you can plug into this unmoderated platform.

Alternative Learning Strategies

The saturation of the market has also affected how people learn about various topics of interest. You can Google a question and come back with thousands of search results, many of which may not be from subject matter experts. Anyone who understands search engine optimization could game the system and become a top result even if they are not the best source of information. Older Internet tools currently attract more niche audiences, often featuring those who are particularly passionate about certain subjects. A platform like Usenet has newsgroups about topics like computers, science, humanities, and culture, and you might be able to find far deeper discussions with educational resources within this old-school platform.

Unique Marketing Opportunities

Businesses can also benefit from these old-school technologies. For example, the oldest types of blogs were much different than the blogs you see today. Some of these sites are maintained by those who have been in the business for years, which makes their following extremely loyal. This could be a great marketing opportunity for businesses that want to partner with these old-school bloggers and connect with a knowledgeable audience. Although one-to-one marketing is expanding, especially in the world of e-commerce, your business could benefit greatly from ghostwriting for a traditional web blog and linking to your website.


Nostalgia can be a powerful emotion. With the fast pace of today’s world, harkening back to what we see as simpler times can be immensely attractive. At times, life can feel chaotic, especially if we are connected 24/7. You learn about news events across the world in real time, which can make it hard to focus on what is in front of you. Old-school Internet resources are often more grounded and bring us back to our roots. For example, headphones that cover your ears were big in the Walkman days. Then, the movement toward smaller earbuds began. However, now the headphones are big again. The feeling of nostalgia creates this cycle of wanting to reclaim the simplicity of the past and embracing what came before.


At the very least, price can have a big impact on the utility of older Internet resources. With inflation, things are much more expensive than they were even a few years ago. We are also living in the subscription era where we pay for more things on a monthly basis rather than upfront. Older Internet resources are in low demand, which makes many of them much cheaper than modern technologies. The functionality may not be there, but often this is made up for with the extremely low price. Of course, some older technologies eventually enter the realm of the antique, making them more expensive than normal. Either way, old-school Internet technologies may be perfect if you are trying to stick to a budget.

Embrace the Old

Sometimes we don’t realize what we have until it is gone. Sure, new Internet resources have a lot of features and benefits, which is crucial in the business world, but this doesn’t make everything that is old-school irrelevant. In fact, the frenetic pace of the world may make these older Internet technologies even more valuable for certain niches. Take a look back at how the Internet began and where it was in the early 2000s to see if you could fall in love again with the tools of the past, whether you use them for personal enjoyment or business purposes.

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