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October 10, 2023

Battling the AI Onslaught: Creative Communities Unite to Protect Artistic Integrity

Amidst the seismic eruption of AI a crescendo of voices from artists around the globe is converging

As the realm of creative expression finds itself increasingly entangled with the ever-advancing grasp of artificial intelligence (AI), a chorus of voices is rising from the artistic forefront. Artists, across various disciplines, are sounding the alarm, urging the world to take action before AI's relentless march alters the very fabric of creativity irreparably. From AI-generated music to stylized Instagram profiles, the creative landscape is awash with art crafted through increasingly sophisticated AI tools, sparking a vital dialogue on how to temper this technological wave before it wrecks irreversible havoc on the artistic world.

This week, a formidable alliance emerged as digital rights advocate Fight for the Future joined forces with United Musicians and Allied Workers, a prominent labor group in the music industry, to launch #AIdayofaction. This campaign presents a compelling call to Congress, imploring lawmakers to thwart corporate giants from securing copyrights on AI-generated music and other forms of art.

The underlying premise is to compel industry titans, like major record labels, to preserve the human element in the creative process. By blocking the corporate appropriation of AI-generated art through copyright, this initiative seeks to ensure that humans remain an integral part of the creative equation. While these concerns and strategies resonate most deeply within the music industry, the overarching concerns and potential remedies transcend creative boundaries.

Artistic fields often operate in silos, with different disciplines focusing on their unique concerns. Yet, the #AIdayofaction campaign endeavors to bridge these gaps, illustrating that these apprehensions are shared across various artistic mediums. The power in unity becomes evident when artists from diverse fields unite, magnifying their collective impact.

Lia Holland, Campaigns and Communications Director at Fight for the Future, explains, "That was another intent with our launching this effort with the day of action, to try to illustrate how these are common concerns that are shared across artistic mediums. And to create an organizing point… because when artists of different mediums move together they have a lot more power."

While the campaign takes a stance against potential corporate misuse of AI, it also acknowledges the potential benefits that automation can bring to individual creatives. The goal is to harness AI tools as means for individual artists to increase their earnings, reduce their workload, and stand on a more equal footing with corporate entities that often exploit them.

Musicians have been relatively quick to embrace AI, leveraging tools like music production software and AI-driven elements such as MIDI drum loops to enhance their craft. This progressive attitude towards technology underscores a willingness among musicians to explore how AI can elevate their art.

The relationship between art and AI is an intricate dance, with artists grappling with concerns about industry giants monopolizing AI-generated art while major record labels fear the encroachment of AI models on their territory. Spotify's recent launch of an AI-powered DJ that curates music while engaging listeners in a synthetic voice further demonstrates the evolving interplay between AI and music.

In this discourse, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) representative emphasizes that the battle for artists' livelihoods extends beyond negotiations, emphasizing that "it doesn't stop at the bargaining table."

Neil Hodgson Coyle
Neil Hodgson-Coyle
Editorial chief at TechNews180
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