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Botswana Fiber Networks Partners with Mangomolo in NOW! Online Channel

Mangomolo, a global leader in OTT video solutions, is revolutionizing digital experiences for the NOW! Online Channel
April 15, 2024

In the heart of Africa, where digital landscapes are evolving, Botswana Fibre Networks (BOFINET) has embarked on an innovative journey with Mangomolo, a global leader in OTT video solutions. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the digital streaming experience for viewers across Botswana, propelling local content onto a global stage.

Mangomolo's expertise shines as it partners with UPICtv, the commercial arm of BOFINET, to launch the NOW! Online Channel. This dynamic platform, supported by a turnkey solution, promises to redefine how Botswana consumes digital content. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Mangomolo's end-to-end OTT video management system empowers the Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport & Culture (MYSC) to deliver NOW! content seamlessly across various devices, enhancing viewer engagement.

NOW! isn't just about streaming; it's a gateway to personalized entertainment experiences. With a finger on the pulse of Botswana's youth, NOW! offers a blend of linear and on-demand content, curated to showcase local talent in youth development, gender equality, sports, and cultural enrichment. Social integration features allow viewers to share their favorite moments effortlessly, fostering community engagement and amplifying Botswana's creative voices.

The collaborative effort between Mangomolo, local partner Plastique, and regional partner Broadsmart underscores a commitment to nurturing Botswana's burgeoning film and television industry. Ramphal Kgabanyane, UPICtv manager, echoes the sentiment, praising the simplicity and efficiency of Mangomolo's solutions, which promise to elevate viewer experiences while benefiting Botswana's creative community.

As Botswana embraces the digital age, Mangomolo's partnership with NOW! heralds a new era of streaming excellence. By marrying world-class OTT technology with local content, this collaboration not only enriches viewer experiences but also propels Botswana onto the global stage. With NOW!, the possibilities are endless, promising to reshape the digital landscape of Botswana and beyond.

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