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Elon Musk's Firms Embrace Nvidia Amid Tesla's Supercomputer Drive

Last November, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made it clear: no ads on X and no plans for them
March 22, 2024

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s recent stance on advertising with X, amidst rising concerns about hate speech on the platform, underscores the company's commitment to its values while hinting at deeper ties with Elon Musk’s enterprises. In a November 2023 all-hands meeting, Huang affirmed Nvidia's long-standing absence from X ads, echoing Apple and Disney's suspension of campaigns due to escalating antisemitism.

Huang’s response, as reported by sources privy to the meeting, was clear: Nvidia hadn’t advertised on X for a significant period and had no intention to do so. However, he maintained Nvidia’s stance of refraining from public statements against other businesses. Notably, Huang didn’t delve into Nvidia’s growing partnership with Musk's ventures at the time.

The burgeoning relationship between Nvidia and Musk's enterprises becomes apparent against the backdrop of Nvidia's remarkable growth in demand for its GPUs and related services, catapulting its market cap beyond $2 trillion. Nvidia's products, crucial for AI workloads, robotics, and data center projects, have fueled its meteoric rise, with revenue skyrocketing by 265% to $22.1 billion in the latest quarter, surpassing even industry stalwart Intel.

Musk's companies, Tesla and xAI, are pivotal players in Nvidia's success story. Tesla's pursuit of AI-driven autonomy and the development of the Tesla Bot alongside its automotive endeavors highlight the reliance on Nvidia’s technology. Meanwhile, xAI, Musk’s brainchild, aims to advance AI models and software products, leveraging Nvidia GPUs extensively.

This synergy was evident at Nvidia's GTC conference, where xAI luminaries shared insights alongside Nvidia personnel. Notably, Musk lauded Nvidia's hardware as unparalleled for AI, underscoring the symbiotic relationship between the two entities.

Despite occasional tensions, exemplified by Musk’s past critique of Nvidia's market dominance, the bond between Musk and Huang remains robust. Huang’s acknowledgment of Musk's pivotal role in spurring Nvidia's foray into AI, culminating in the DGX system, underscores the enduring collaboration between the two visionaries.

As Nvidia continues to shape the AI landscape and Musk pushes the boundaries of technological innovation, their intertwined destinies promise a future ripe with groundbreaking advancements, cementing their status as titans in the tech realm.

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