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Elon Musk's X Hires New Safety Chiefs

Elon Musk's X brings in Kylie McRoberts and Yale Cohen to make the platform safer and friendlier
April 3, 2024

X, led by Elon Musk, has announced the appointment of Kylie McRoberts as its new head of safety and Yale Cohen as head of brand safety and advertising solutions. These strategic hires come as the social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, aims to strengthen its commitment to user safety and attract advertisers amidst ongoing controversies over content moderation.

McRoberts, with her rich background in privacy and cybersecurity, notably at Google, steps into a role vacated nine months ago, signaling a fresh direction in how X handles safety and controversial content. Her experience suggests a broader approach to platform security, moving beyond traditional content moderation to ensure a safer online environment. This shift aligns with Musk's recent moves, including simplifying the team's name from "Trust and Safety" to just "Safety," emphasizing action over assurance.

Cohen's recruitment underscores X's efforts to reassure advertisers by enhancing brand safety amid challenges posed by Musk's polarizing online behavior. Musk's engagement with contentious topics has at times complicated the platform's relationship with users and advertisers alike, making Cohen's role crucial in rebuilding trust and stability.

The introduction of McRoberts and Cohen reflects X's strategic pivot towards addressing critical safety and advertising challenges, illustrating a commitment to evolve and adapt in the fast-paced digital world. Their roles are pivotal as X navigates the complex balance between free speech and the need for a secure, respectful online community, setting a new course for the platform's future.

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