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First Non-Game App to Surpass $10 Billion in Consumer Spending

In the electrifying world of short-form videos, TikTok isn't just setting trends; it's rewriting the playbook
By Josefina Dipaolo
December 13, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile applications, TikTok has once again rewritten the rules, achieving a remarkable milestone that sets it apart from the rest. The short-form video giant, having soared past the 1 billion monthly active users mark in 2021, has now etched its name in history as the inaugural non-game mobile app to generate a staggering $10 billion in consumer spending across the Apple App Store and Google Play combined. Dive into the captivating journey of TikTok's financial ascent, revealing unprecedented growth and a unique position in the app industry.

According to an in-depth analysis by app intelligence provider, TikTok commenced 2023 with an impressive $6.2 billion in consumer spending. The app continued its meteoric rise, adding another $3.8 billion throughout the year, marking a remarkable 61% growth from the year's inception. Notably, this figure stands 15% higher than the total consumer spending in 2022, highlighting TikTok's unwavering financial momentum.

The substantial consumer spending is primarily attributed to TikTok's in-app purchases of "coins" – a virtual currency empowering users to shower creators with gifts. These gifts, convertible to fiat currency, reward content creators, with TikTok retaining 50% of the payout. A key revelation from's analysis is the dominance of U.S. consumers and iOS users in China, accounting for a significant 60% of TikTok's in-app purchase revenue. Additional markets, including Saudi Arabia, Germany, the U.K., and Japan, collectively contribute 13% to the app's financial success.

While other non-game apps like Tinder and YouTube also rake in billions, TikTok stands unrivaled, with its closest competitors trailing by a margin of $2 to $3 billion. This unprecedented financial feat positions TikTok as a trailblazer, not just in the realm of short-form content but as a powerhouse in the broader mobile app ecosystem. As we witness TikTok's historic journey, it's clear that the app's influence goes far beyond viral dances and creative content—it's redefining the very fabric of app success. The $10 billion milestone is not just a number; it's a testament to TikTok's indelible impact on the digital landscape.

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