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Google AI Photo Tools Expand to all Google Photos users

From May 15, Google Photos offers AI editing for all: Magic Editor, Photo Unblur, no fee
April 10, 2024

Beginning May 15, Google Photos is set to enhance the photographic experience for its entire user base by introducing a suite of AI-driven editing tools, previously limited to a select group, at no additional cost. This significant update democratizes access to sophisticated features like Magic Editor, Photo Unblur, and Magic Eraser, empowering users to refine their photos with professional finesse effortlessly.

Traditionally, such advanced capabilities were exclusive to Pixel device owners or available only through a premium subscription. With this rollout, Google Photos is breaking down barriers, making these powerful editing tools accessible to all users on Android, iOS, and even Pixel tablets.

One of the standout features, the Magic Editor, introduced with the Pixel 8 series, leverages generative AI technology to enable complex photo edits through intuitive actions. Users can effortlessly adjust their photos' composition, from repositioning elements within the frame to transforming the sky from a dreary gray to a vibrant blue. Initially exclusive, this feature now extends to all Google Photos users, granting 10 Magic Editor saves per month. Those seeking unlimited access can do so via a Pixel device or by subscribing to a Google One plan with 2TB or more.

This update will be phased in starting May 15, progressively reaching devices that meet the minimum system requirements over the following weeks. Google Photos' initiative to broaden access to these editing tools marks a pivotal moment in photo editing, offering both novices and seasoned photographers alike the means to elevate their images to new heights of creativity and quality.

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