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Google Maps Launches Global Speedometer for iPhone

Google Maps has finally brought its long-awaited speedometer and speed limit features to iOS and CarPlay users worldwide
July 10, 2024

Google Maps has expanded its suite of driving aids for iOS and CarPlay users, introducing speedometer and speed limit features to help iPhone users navigate more safely and avoid speeding fines.

After an initial rollout in India spotted last week, Google has confirmed a global deployment of these features. Now, when users begin navigation on Google Maps, they can see their vehicle's speed displayed in miles or kilometers, depending on their location.

To activate these tools, users can access their profile picture within the Google Maps app on their iPhone, navigate to Settings > Navigation > Driving options, and toggle on the speedometer and speed limits. The speedometer feature incorporates color-coded indicators to remind drivers to stay within the speed limits applicable in their region.

Google emphasizes that while the speedometer provides real-time speed information, drivers should still rely on their vehicle's speedometer for precise readings.

Originally launched on Android in 2019 and subsequently expanded to over 40 countries, these features are now enhancing the driving experience for iOS users globally, marking a significant update to Google Maps' functionality.

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