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Google Photos Unveils 'Ask Photos' AI Search

Google I/O 2024 has officially begun, one of the most anticipated announcements is the introduction of Ask Photos
May 15, 2024

Google I/O 2024 has kicked off, promising exciting updates and innovative features. At the center of attention is Google Photos, which is set to receive a game-changing AI upgrade called Ask Photos.

Ask Photos, powered by Google's Gemini AI model, is designed to make navigating through your Google Photos collection easier and more intuitive. This experimental feature, set to launch later this summer, allows users to search their photo collection using natural language queries. 

While users were previously limited to searching for specific people, places, or things, Ask Photos takes it a step further. Now, you can ask complex questions like "find the best photo from each of the National Parks I visited," and the AI will understand and retrieve the requested images. It uses various signals, including lighting, blurriness, and geolocation, to identify the best photos in a set.

Additionally, Ask Photos allows users to ask a wide range of questions, such as recalling themes from past events like birthday parties, or tracking a child's swimming progress over time. The AI's ability to understand natural language concepts and text within photos makes it almost human-like in its responses.

Another exciting feature is the ability to search for text within photos. This allows users to snap a photo of important information, like a license plate or passport number, and later retrieve that information using the AI.

Google has ensured that user privacy is a top priority with Ask Photos. Personal data is not used for ads, and human review of AI conversations and personal data is strictly limited to rare cases to address abuse or harm.

Although Ask Photos will initially launch as an experiment in the U.S. in English, Google plans to roll out the feature to more markets in the future. 

With Ask Photos, Google is taking a significant step forward in leveraging AI to enhance the user experience in Google Photos, making it easier than ever to organize, search, and share your precious memories.

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