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November 3, 2023

Google Unleashes AI-Powered Creative Edge for Advertisers

Hot on the heels of Amazon's pioneering venture, Google is unfurling an arsenal of groundbreaking generative AI tools

In a dynamic move following Amazon's recent embrace of generative AI for advertisers, Google is launching an exciting set of generative AI product imagery tools, empowering advertisers in the United States. This transformative leap comes in the form of the AI-driven Product Studio, a platform that opens the doors to a world of creative possibilities for merchants and advertisers. With the power of text-to-image AI, they can now conjure new product imagery effortlessly, setting the stage for a game-changing evolution in digital advertising.

Imagine the convenience of altering a product image's background color with a few keystrokes or immersing it in a bespoke scene by simply typing a prompt. Google's generative AI Product Studio makes this a reality. From basic tasks like solid backgrounds to advanced requests like seasonal themes, this tool is a formidable ally. For instance, a skincare brand can request an image of its product "surrounded by peaches with tropical plants in the background" in the summer and effortlessly transition to a winter-themed backdrop of "sitting on snow surrounded by pine branches or pinecones." Moreover, this AI marvel enhances low-quality images without the need for costly reshoots and effectively removes distracting backgrounds.

By offering AI-driven imagery capabilities, Google empowers businesses of all sizes to craft professional images that seamlessly complement their advertisements. Gone are the days of incessant expenses on new photography sessions. This feature harmoniously integrates with existing product photography, facilitating reuse across diverse campaigns, be it seasonal promotions or thematic initiatives, without negating the original photoshoot's value.

The launch of this AI feature extends its reach to all Merchant Center Next users in the U.S., effectively amplifying their creative potential. Additionally, it finds its home on the Google and YouTube app on Shopify, promising a seamless integration into the e-commerce landscape. The rollout commences today, ushering in a new era of creative advertising possibilities.

Beyond generative AI for product imagery, Google is enriching the merchant experience with a "small business" attribute for Google Search and Maps. This attribute highlights brands that have identified themselves as small businesses, serving as a testament to their unique offerings. While Google will automatically add this attribute to some listings, businesses retain the flexibility to set or remove it from their profiles as needed. Furthermore, Google's commitment to enriching the shopping journey extends to the knowledge panel on Search, providing customers with more detailed information about the merchants they seek.

With the launch of AI-driven product imagery tools, Google has catalyzed a revolution in the advertising landscape. This dynamic technology grants businesses the power to craft compelling visuals that resonate with their target audience while significantly reducing the need for repetitive and costly photoshoots. Furthermore, Google's focus on enhancing the merchant experience underscores its commitment to streamlining the path to discovery for small businesses. As we embrace this new era of creative advertising, the future looks brighter and more accessible than ever.

Josefina Dipaolo
Josefina Dipaolo
Content writer at TechNews180
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