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Introducing Bananabin: The Mac App That Uses Animated Flies to Remind You to Empty Your Trash

A quirky new app helps keep your Mac clean with a playful twist
July 1, 2024

Managing your digital clutter just got a lot more fun, thanks to a quirky new app called Bananabin. This inventive Mac application uses animated flies to let you know when it’s time to empty your Trash folder. When your trash exceeds a preset limit, Bananabin surrounds it with buzzing, animated flies that you can shoo away with your mouse. It’s a simple yet entertaining approach to system maintenance.

Bananabin offers three different alert levels to suit your preferences: Janitor Mode triggers at 10MB, The Recycler at 1GB, and Garbage Hoarder at 10GB. You can customize these settings from the app’s menu bar icon. Currently in its beta phase, Bananabin is free to use, but the developers plan to introduce a small one-time fee upon its official release.

One of the developers, Leon Schrijvers, shared with The Verge that they’re still fine-tuning the app. At present, Bananabin only works with macOS Sonoma and won’t function with iCloud Trash bins or external drives. However, there are plans to extend support to macOS Ventura in the future.

For Bananabin to operate, it requires accessibility and full disk access permissions. Schrijvers explained that accessibility permission is necessary to determine the position of the trash bin in the dock, while full disk access allows the app to calculate the trash folder's disk space. When this space surpasses the configured threshold, the flies make their appearance.

If you’re intrigued by this unique approach to digital housekeeping, you can try Bananabin by visiting their website and providing your email address to receive a download link. 

Bananabin is a fun and creative solution to a mundane task, making it a standout addition to any Mac user's toolkit. As it evolves, it promises to bring even more functionality and support, ensuring that keeping your digital environment tidy is never a chore.

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